Jon Gosselin Is Furious After Kate Disobeys Court Order To Film Children On New “Kate Plus 8”

Jon Gosselin furious Kate defies order by filming children on TLC "Kate Plus 8"
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Jon Gosselin is angry at his ex-wife Kate over her decision to include their minor children in a new season of her TLC show “Kate Plus 8.” A judge even ruled that the kids should not be exploited on the television show, but Kate continued. Plus, could there be wedding bells in the future for Jon Gosselin?

Kate Plus 8 Continues Filming With Children

“I’m furious. Absolutely furious,” Gosselin said in a recent interview. “[The network] didn’t care. It’s really upsetting that big businesses and big corporations go do whatever they want, against a parent’s legal right.” RELATED: Kate Gosselin Misses Court and Loses Custody of Son to Jon

“The judge and the guardian ad litem both agreed that it wasn’t in my children’s best interests to be filmed, but my ex-wife and TLC had other ideas,” Gosselin continued. “They put profits and ratings ahead of the well-being of my children and filmed illegally without work permits.”

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In 2018, The Pennsylvania Bureau of Labor Law Compliance denied work permits for the children that had been requested by Kate and TLC, citing that Kate didn’t have legal authority to solely agree to allowing their children to be on the show. Despite this, Kate and TLC continued with filming.

After a decade long gag order was lifted this year, Jon accused Kate of mentally abusing their son Collin by sending him away to a school for special needs children without even informing Jon of their son’s location. Jon also claims that Collin now suffers from PTSD from the experience. Jon now has custody of Collin and Hannah. RELATED: Jon Gosselin Accuses Kate Plus 8 Star and Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin of Child Abuse

Jon shared that Kate has proved to be difficult with allowing him to speak with the children who live with her.

“I’d have just like, a normal relationship with my children, meaning, just communication,” Jon said in 2018. “It wouldn’t have to be all lovey-dovey. Just like, ‘How you guys doing? Where are you going to college?’ Maybe call me for advice.”

Wedding Bells For Jon Gosselin?

It’s been over ten years since Jon and Kate split. While she has had trouble on the dating front, Jon has moved on with a stable relationship with his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. The couple have been dating several years and an Instagram post from the weekend has stirred up rumors that they are either engaged or soon will be.

Jon gushed over how much he loves Colleen and shared a picture of them on their date night. Numerous people commented about the sound of wedding bells. One Instagram follower said something profound that many of us are thinking.

“I know marriage has [probably] scared you, but she is not Kate. So, marry her already!,”she wrote on the Instagram photo below.

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