Vince McMahon Upset With Saudi Arabian Prince Over Missing Money

Vince McMahon Snubbed By Prince Muhammad bin Salman For $300-$500 million

Vince McMahon Upset With Saudi Arabian Prince Over Missing Money

Days after Crown Jewel and there seems to be more questions than answers. The show went as planned, but basically everyone had to stay longer in Saudi Arabia.

Originally, the problem was being blamed on mechanical issues with the plane. Now, it appears that the issue involves money, Vince McMahon and the Saudi Arabian government.

Hugo Savinovich, a former WWE member of the Spanish announce team who now works for AAA, uploaded a video on Facebook stating WWE was owed $300-$500 million from previous shows.

Prince Muhammad bin Salman Skips WWE Meeting

Body Slam reports that Vince McMahon was set to meet with Prince Muhammad bin Salman over the owed money. Muhammad bin Salman was a no-show, which upset McMahon. To retaliate, McMahon allegedly cut Saudi Arabia’s live TV feed of Crown Jewel. Then, The Crown Prince ordered WWE talent to be removed from the plane right before takeoff.

Only a few names were able to get of Saudi Arabia on time. Vince McMahon and the people closest to him left on WWE’s private jet while Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were able to grab a ride on Brock Lesnar’s plane. Meaning, that almost all of the wrestlers and backstage personnel were stuck in the Middle East.

With SmackDown taking place the day after Crown Jewel, WWE brought in NXT superstars. They worked with a handful of SmackDown superstars that did not make the overseas trip. That produced one of the better SmackDown episodes in recent memory and also got NXT involved in Survivor Series.

WWE Superstars And Personnel Not Happy With Vince McMahon

The superstars did arrive back in the United States by Saturday afternoon and they not happy. Many apparently lost respect for McMahon according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and have stated they will not return to Saudi Arabia.

From the start, the ten year deal between Saudi Arabia and WWE has been questionable. Despite the big paydays, many superstars have declined to go in the past. With eight years left on the deal, we will have to see what is the next move. WWE likely did not plan on returning to Saudi Arabia until the spring or early summer, so there is time to fix the problems.