Times WWE And Their Wrestlers Broke The Kayfabe Rule

This week, a YouTube glitch saw a rehearsal for NXT UK leaked. It shows how wrestlers prepare for matches, and takes a peak behind the WWE curtain.

Many of us have wondered in the past how wrestlers prepare for a match. Do they just go out there and count on their learned skill? Or do they prepare together in a private gym? While many of our theories are undoubtedly correct, we are now in a position to take an exclusive peek behind the WWE curtain thanks to NXT UK.

YouTube Glitch Reveals NXT UK Rehearsal!

Every wrestling fan knows that wrestling is entertainment, but they also know that wrestlers can get genuinely hurt. So, how is a television show like Raw, SmackDown and NXT produced? We may have the answer now, as eight hours worth of production feed for NXT UK was leaked on YouTube.

Watching the feed is quite the eye-opening experience. As a former competitive dancer, I would like to compare it to a dance rehearsal. It is stunning to watch, but also shows just how much preparation actually goes into the shows.

While the half hour of rehearsals would be the most interesting thing for fans to watch, the production feed included much more. It included some off the air banter from commentators Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness, but also comments from WWE personnel. It is the full WWE backstage experience!

Breaking Kayfabe – Unscripted Moments

The WWE does not want this footage out, despite the fact it would get lots of views from fans. We have now seen how the WWE makes their programme, but that does not mean that there aren’t any unscripted moments. There have been plenty throughout history. Some were severe and awful, while others were hysterical.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Walks Away From The WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin

In 2002, The Texas Rattlesnake “Stone Cold” Steve Austin left the company abruptly; this after he was told to take a fall for Brock Lesnar. To contest the decision, he left the venue a short two hours before Raw. The company would subsequently bury him, but claim it was all a work at the time.

The Montreal Screwjob – Never To Be Repeated

Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels

Before there was even mention of NXT and NXT UK, there was such a thing as backstage politics already. As a wrestling fan, you have undoubtedly heard of the famous Montreal Screwjob. If not, here is a quick recap.

Bret Hart was set to leave for WCW, but did not want to give the title he held in the WWE (then WWF) to Shawn Michaels. To make it happen, Vince McMahon created a ruse to give the title to The Heartbreak Kid.

Vince planned that referee Earl Hebner would call for the bell when Michaels put Hart in a submission. It happened and Hart lost his title to The Heartbreak Kid. It would later be revealed that Vince was scared that Bret would take the title to WCW, much like Alundra Blayze did. Hart spat at McMahon and assaulted him backstage after the match.

NXT Could Learn From The Rock’s Sunglasses

NXT could learn from the Rock's sunglasses

Even though most of wrestling is scripted, there are some rare small moments that make it into history. One of them involves The Rock’s sunglasses, The Rock himself, and Mankind.

While Dwayne Johnson was not too enthusiastic about working with Mankind to begin with, the pair eventually became one of the most memorable tag teams. During one promo, The Rock’s sunglasses came off, to which Mankind kindly handed them back in this unscripted moment. Rock replied with “The Rock thanks you for that,” and the rest is history.

CM Punk’s Pipebomb

This particular moment has been a point of contention for many years. While the WWE would claim the entire moment was scripted from beginning to end, it actually wasn’t.

When CM Punk came out and sat on the ramp, the words coming out his mouth were not scripted at all. It led to a legendary shoot on John Cena, but also World Wrestling Entertainment as a company. The promo was so legendary, it led to the iconic “CM Punk” chants.

The Curtain Call At Madison Square Garden

There are a lot of moments in NXT and NXT UK that show the real personality of the wrestlers involved and their passion for the business. While those moments are rare on the main roster, one in particular sticks out, the curtain call at Madison Square Garden.

Iconic superstars Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were leaving the company for WCW. When their last match ended, their colleagues Triple H, X-Pac and Michaels shared a group hug with the wrestlers. As this was a hug between heels and faces, Vince McMahon was far from impressed. Still, it is one of the most heartfelt moments in wrestling history.

Don’t Hurt The Boss On The Script – A Vital Lesson For NXT Wrestlers

During a match between WWE legends Batista and John Cena at the 2005 Royal Rumble, things went horribly wrong. Batista lost his footing during a move and both wrestlers went tumbling out of the ring. As Vince came out to resolve the issue, he accidentally tore his quads. The boss sat down against the ring ropes and nobody really knew something was really wrong. The match continued, but it is another serious unscripted moment that shows the strength and resilience of the WWE chairman.

Ladder Matches Cannot Be Scripted!

Another valuable lesson for new NXT wrestlers is that ladder matches cannot be scripted. These matches are so versatile and dangerous, there is always something that goes horribly wrong.

One of the most memorable ladder match accidents includes the Hardy Boyz and Joey Mercury. Believe it or not, Mercury was not always a stooge for the authority. He was actually a part of a ladder match at Armageddon 2006. Unfortunately, things went really wrong as Jeff Hardy catapulted the ladder into Mercury’s face; this would see him break his nose and his run in the WWE cut short. He would then leave the company and work for ROH as a producer and a member of the creative team. In October this year, he left his role as producer, leaving his wrestling future in question.

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