The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Undertaker is not known to give long interviews. In fact, that’s added considerably to the mystique of his character over the year. However, the media silence could come to an end. With rumors rampant that Stone Cold Steve Austin will interview him for his Broken Skull series, it is just about to get interesting!

WWE Announces Interview With The Undertaker

WWE The Undertaker

Even though the WWE has confirmed that The Undertaker will be interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin, it is almost too good to believe. You have to think about the fact that The Undertaker has never given a lengthy interview. His in-depth media appearances can be counted on one hand, so this is something special indeed.

For those of you who do not know, The Texas Rattlesnake has a new show on the WWE Network. Following the success of the “Stone Cold Podcast,” the company has now given the green light for “The Broken Skull Sessions.”

While not too much detail is known about Stone Cold’s new show, it is believed that the series will have a similar format to the podcast. If this is accurate, then the interview with Taker will be a sight to behold.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Post-Retirement Career

Stone cold Steve Austin

Despite retiring from wrestling years ago, The Texas Rattlesnake has enjoyed a continued career in the WWE. In fact, his podcast on the network was one of the most popular shows. He also had several mainstream television shows as well, which includes one of my personal favorites at the Broken Skull Ranch.

Stone Cold’s interviewing skills have impressed many. During his podcast, he had candid conversations with the likes of Vince McMahon, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and many others. When it came down to seeing the men and women behind the wrestlers, Stone Cold Steve Austin certainly delivers.

What Will Be Talked About?

The Undertaker

One of the most discussed matters at the moment is the points that will talked about during the series. There are many questions fans want to ask him. The top one is about his match with Goldberg in Saudi Arabia.

The Goldberg – Undertaker match at the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia is considered a stain on the lengthy career of The Phenom. Even though neither man had anything to prove to the WWE Universe, it did not stop fans talking.

Naturally, fans would love to hear the opinion of The Undertaker regarding his match in Saudi Arabia. Of course, there are probably thousands of questions that fans would tune in for. So, we have no doubt that the first episode of Stone Cold’s podcast will be a big hit.

When Does It Start?

Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Broken Skull Sessions will be aired for the first time on Sunday November 24th. You will need some serious wrestling stamina though, as the show is aired on the WWE Network after Survivor Series. So, if you are not too tired from a lengthy pay-per-view, be sure to tune in for this once-in-a-lifetime interview. Not sure what we should look forward to the most!