Throwback Photos From War Games During The WCW Days

War Games felt like something fans would never see again, but then NXT starting hosting the gimmick match the past two years. This time around, NXT will have two War Game matches as they make history. Not only do we get double the violence, but for the first time, female superstars will be involved. To celebrate the historic event, here are throwback photos from War Games during the WCW days.

Early Days Of War Games

War Games dates back to the early days of WCW.

It features two rings that are side-by-side.

The old version of War Games had a roof.

War Games was the evolution of the steel cage.

But, War Games was not yet at the same level as Hell in a Cell.

The match involved at least two teams.

Both teams would wait on the outside until they were allowed to enter.

Entrants came in every 3-5 minutes.