Possible Big WWE Trade + Lesnar’s Original Crown Jewel Opponent?

With SmackDown now with two top champions, should we be expecting a big trade? It seems possible, if not likely. Also, who was Lesnar supposed to face?

Could We Possibly See A Big Trade For RAW And SmackDown?

Possible Big WWE Trade + Lesnar's Original Crown Jewel Opponent?
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In case you missed it, WWE saw a major title change to close out Thursday’s Crown Jewel event.

The Fiend, Bray Wyatt was victorious over Seth Rollins. In the process, he became the Universal Champion…but he’s already been drafted to SmackDown on Fox.

So, at first glance, this means that, for the time being, both of the top men’s champions for WWE call the same brand home.

In this new age of the brand split, this may not be as easily fixed as in the past, where WWE just booked a champion to show up on the other show and conveniently lose their title.

Instead, there is speculation that this could lead to a major trade between the brands, though nothing specific has been rumored-yet. Considering both networks really wanted Wyatt on their show, odds are Fox won’t be keen on surrendering The Fiend and his gold in any trade.

Could this point to Lesnar coming back to RAW? Or, could we see a match set up for Survivor Series, with the potential for fixing this major title void that exists on RAW at present?

Brock Lesnar’s Original Crown Jewel Opponent Was…?

While we all know that Lesnar got to face Cain Velaquez at Crown Jewel, that was not the initial plan.

Per the Wrestling Observer, the early plan was to actually have Lesnar do battle with another WWE newcomer-Tyson Fury.

Those plans never fully materialized, and became moot once WWE was able to secure the services of Velasquez.

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