A new documentary has bombshell testimony that Princess Diana's mother called her a "whore" and relives the final explosive phone call with her mother.

A new documentary has bombshell testimony that Princess Diana’s mother called her a “whore” for dating “Muslim men”.

This stunning accusation was made by Diana’s longtime butler Paul Burrell who heard the conversation when the Princess had him listen in on a telephone conversation with her mother.

Princess Diana’s Troubles With Her Mother And Stepmother

Diana had a strained relationship with both her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, and her stepmother Countess Raine Spencer. While she made amends with Spencer, the caustic relationship only intensified with her own mother.

The documentary “Princess Diana’s Wicked Stepmother” examines the turmoil that between those two, but the final conversation between Diana and her mother are what really stand out in a shocking manner.


Mother Called Princess Diana A “Whore” For Dating “Muslim Men”

While Diana made amends with her stepmother prior to her death, things were never repaired with her mother.

As you can imagine, being called a “whore” by your own mother is a real kick to the gut as Burrell explains in the documentary.

“I was in my little pantry underneath the main staircase of Kensington Palace and I could hear this sobbing coming out of [Diana’s] room,” Burrell stated.

“Then she shouted, ‘Paul, please come. Come quick.’ So I ran up the staircase, and I found the princess crumpled in the middle of her room with the telephone to her ear, and she beckoned me to come closer. I could hear what her mother was saying. She said, ‘Listen. Listen to what mummy’s saying.’”

“Mrs. Shand Kydd had had a few to drink that night,” he continued.

“She was berating the princess and then calling her a whore. She said, ‘That’s what you are. I’ve raised a whore, whoring around town with Muslim men. You should be ashamed of yourself.’ Diana was sobbing, saying ‘Mummy, please don’t say those words to me. Please don’t call me those names.’”

Diana’s mother continued calling her daughter a “whore.” This was so upsetting to the Princess that she drew a line in the sand.

“I’m going to put the phone down and I’ll never speak to you again,” Diana warned her mother.

And that is exactly what happened. That was their final conversation. 

After Diana’s Tragic Death

After Diana was killed in the infamous car crash, her mother was overcome with guilt. She contacted Burrell in an attempt to get some absolution. Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

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“Her mother had to live with that guilt after Diana’s death,” Diana’s butler reveals in the documentary.

“She came to me and said, ‘Surely I’ll be forgiven now, won’t I?’ I said, ‘Mrs. Shand Kydd, I can’t give you absolution. I’m not the right person to come to. I couldn’t.”

Diana had a troubled lifelong relationship with her mother. Burrell believed many of the Princess’s psychological burdens stemmed from her parent’s divorce and her mother subsequently leaving her and her siblings.

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“I think that’s when the princess’s psychological problems began because she felt abandoned as a young girl by her mother,” Burell said.

“She didn’t understand why her mother had left her four children behind to go and live with another man. As a child, she blamed herself. And so, I think that’s what she always turned back to, the fact that she wasn’t good enough, she wasn’t good enough, she wasn’t loved enough. So really, it did had a massive impact on her life.”

The Legacy of Princess Diana

Despite the troubling relationships depicted in the documentary with her mother and stepmother, the Princess of Wales was and will forever be a highly regarded humanitarian, a fashion trendsetter, and a loving mother to two adoring boys.

Princess Diana lives on through Prince William and Prince Harry and through her impactful works.

The world will always remember her this way:

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