Several of Princess Diana's confidantes speak independently about her fear of dying in a car accident before her death in "Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved".

In a new podcast, former detective Colin McLaren introduced evidence that Princess Diana feared she would die in a car accident before her death. Which is, as he says, “horribly eerie with the benefit of hindsight, [Diana] was most paranoid about her car.”

Princess Diana died in France in August 1997 after sustaining injuries in a car accident. She was just 36.

The 12-part series, “Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved,” follows Princess Diana’s final days as well as the history of her lifelong troubles.

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Fear of Sabotage

In the latest episode, several of Diana’s confidantes spoke independently about her fear of her car being sabotaged.

Ingrid Seward, the editor-in-chief of the Royal Family-centric magazine “Majesty,” says Diana mentioned her deathly concerns.

“She said, actually, ‘It sounds ridiculous now,’ as we were sitting there in the comfort of her sitting room in Kensington Palace, she said, ‘But I really did believe, genuinely, believe that someone was going to tamper with my car,’” Seward said. “She said, ‘I really believed that.’ She said, ‘I was too much of a problem. They wanted to get rid of me.’”

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And Diana alleged Prince Charles especially wanted her gone so that he could marry Camilla Parker-Bowles.

“She was prone to these sort of fears, that something might happen to her,” royal writer Richard Kay said. “People convinced her that she was somehow some sort of present danger to the royal family and that she should therefore be very careful.”

Princess Diana’s Letters

According to Princess Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, she stayed up late at night writing notes and letters to him and others.

In a 10-page letter to Burrell, she wrote: “This is the most difficult part of my life. I fear Charles is going to organize an accident in my car. I’m going to die of head injuries and be killed in order that he can marry Camilla.”

According to Burrell, she also asked him to look for signs of foul play.

“She said to me, ‘Get underneath and see if you can see anything,’” Burrell alleged. “’Is there a pipe cut where the brake fluid goes in?’ I said, ‘Your Royal Highness, I’m not an engineer. I don’t know these things.’ ‘Well, have a look. Is there anything unusual underneath the car?’ So, I’d scramble underneath the car in my uniform, or my suit, and try and find something which looked out of place. Of course, I never did, but she was convinced that the system was out to get her.”

Princess Diana Didn’t Want Bodyguards

While Diana saw her primary opposition as the British Royal Family, she also courted the press to the point it was potentially unsafe.

Her former bodyguard, Patrick Jephson, says her cavalier attitude toward safety contributed to her fears and, ultimately, her death.

“I never entirely understood,” he said in an interview last year. “I think part of it was to make a contrast between herself and the other members of the royal family.

“Getting rid of the bodyguards, the support organization, I think appealed that side of her. Instead, she put her trust in people who were not capable of keeping her safe as it was tragically proved to be the case that night in Paris.”

The who, why, and how’s of Princess Diana’s tragic death will never fully be known and conspiracy theories abound because of it. Regardless, Princess Diana’s accurate premonition that she would die in a car wreck remains indelibly true.

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