Dr. Phil v. Entitled Teen

Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words. He knows that parents who coddle their children are not doing those kids any favors. He had a bit of a challenge with a 17- year-old boy who refused to work and demanded a $1,000 a month allowance for his mom to fuel his lavish lifestyle. But, in typical Dr. Phil fashion, there is hope for this mom and this entitled teen she raised.

Mom v. Entitled Teen

Tyheisah works hard so that she can provide for her son Ronald, but in doing so has raised a perpetual child who will never grow up and always demand more. In fact, Ronald wrote to Dr. Phil asking for help in getting his already sky-high allowance raised!

Many parents want to provide the best for their children. Some of us want to give them things that our families couldn’t afford growing up. But when you just hand them whatever they want, they don’t appreciate it.

Teaching the Value of Money

Children need to understand the value of money and the work that goes into earning it to fund your lifestyle. And it’s our job, as parents, to teach them that critical life lesson.

This mother may have meant well, but she has created a monster that she now fears will begin to steal if she cuts him off. Many of us teach our children these lessons when they are very young. Tyheisah didn’t and now she is dealing with a massive problem as her son is about to become an adult but still acts like a three year old.

As parents we sacrifice things so we can provide for our children, but spoiling children can cause a lifelong problem for the entire family.

Ronald definitely runs the house. His mother has even given him the master bedroom and she stays in a smaller room down the hall. Now, he acts like he is the King of the Castle that she funds! Worse, he wants even more! (RELATED: Dr. Phil Is Disgusted By Out Of Control Teen These Parents Raised)

Old School v. Modern Allowances

Many of us didn’t have an allowance. We were expected to do our chores because it was part of being a family. When you become an adult and move out, nobody is going to pay you to take out your own trash!

But, Ronald thinks he should get more than $1,000 a month for doing nothing. When he does pitch in around the house, he tries to bill his mom! This may be the worst case of entitlement I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Phil Doesn’t Mince Words

Watching the video of Dr. Phil vs. this entitled teen will make you feel like the best parent in the world!

It’s stories like this that make me worry for America’s future. I cringe at the thought of what kind of adult Ronald will become. Unless he makes a serious 180, Ronald seems destined to become a leech on society and avid [yet presumably lazy] Bernie supporter.

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