dr phil blames parents

Too many parents want to be friends with their kids. This causes a crisis as the children get older and it’s exactly what sent two desperate parents to seek help from Dr. Phil for their out of control teen.

Kids Need Discipline

Kids need discipline to guide them along the right path. It’s easier to teach this to a young child than a teenager or young adult. If they are given what they want when they throw a temper tantrum, they will continue doing that. Parents who give their kids free passes are just rewarding bad behavior.

Maria and Todd are at the end of the rope with their 16-year-old daughter Ashlyn. The teen knows if she throws a fit or even punches her mom in the face that she will get whatever she wants because her parents believe it will stop the behavior. But, all that has done is add fuel to the fire.

Parents Admit Doing Nothing

“We don’t do anything to discipline Ashlyn,” Maria said. The parents are now anxiously waiting for their daughter to turn 18 so they can throw her and all of her clothes out of the house.

When their daughter was kicked out of school, the school truancy office told Maria and Todd that they aren’t doing their jobs as parents. That is correct. Ashlyn does drugs, drinks, and leaves for days on end. These parents have absolutely no control over their child because they continue granting her wishes.


It would have been a lot easier to discipline Ashlyn when she was younger but now they have created a monster who will soon be forced out into the real world. She will likely spiral out of control when she turns 18.

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Not Enough Discipline

Ashlyn began smoking when she was just 10. In response to this, her parents grounded her for a day! She was in an incredibly serious situation and they essentially gave her a pass. They also won’t turn off her cell phone as a form of discipline because she yells when she doesn’t have it. Imagine what her future will be like when she gets a job and they don’t play into her childishness. Maria and Todd have set their daughter up for failure.

Dr. Phil Shows No Empathy

Watch as Dr. Phil lays out the hard truth for these pushover parents who have failed their daughter and created a nightmare in the process. They were incorrect if they thought Dr. Phil would be empathetic to them!

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