Dick's destroyed $5 million in rifles alienating Second Amendment supporters. Charlies Daniels responds.

Dick’s Sporting Goods poked its finger in the eyes of Second Amendment supporting customers when the retail giant made the decision to stop selling “assault-style rifles” in February 2018. But, now the chain took it even further when Dick’s CEO bragged about destroying over $5 million worth of these rifles to keep them out of the public’s hands. As if on cue, country legend Charlie Daniels posted some brilliant perspective on gun grabbing and our Second Amendment rights.

Dick’s Destroyed $5 Million In Rifles

It wasn’t enough to just discontinue selling these rifles in stores, they actually destroy them. In a interview this week with CBS, CEO Richard Stack made it clear that after he has amassed a fortune selling firearms, he now wants to restrict the availability of them to the public. RELATED: Feminist Alyssa Milano Needs Two Men To Debate Ted Cruz On Gun Control

Stack ordered the “assault-style rifles” to be turned into scrap metal. That was $5 million worth of firearms inventory he had destroyed. He made it clear that he doesn’t want any of us to own them.

“I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them,'” he told CBS.

The Dick’s CEO reports they have lost about a quarter of a billion after changing its firearms policy. Stack is already sitting on a pile of money on the back of his customers. Now, he is more interested with restricting firearms access to the customers who made him rich. He intends to extend Dick’s restrictions even further and halt all firearms sales entirely.

Stack admits to trying to change the culture of America by removing guns from Dick’s stores. If Americans roll over and continue accepting policies such as this, others will follow suit. But, if we talk with our wallets and just shop elsewhere we will send them a message that we are not giving up our Second Amendment rights.

Charlie Daniels Goes After Gun Grabbers

Country music legend Charlie Daniels is an active supporter of the Second Amendment. He understands how dangerous gun control is and the prime objective of gun grabbers. They might preach that it’s in our “best interests” to ban “assault-style rifles” like the AR-15, but that is just a ploy to get lawmakers to open the door. They will use that open door to actively chip away our rights one bit over a time.

Daniels compared the push for gun control to one of  President Obama’s most infamous lies. When the 44th President pitched Obamacare to the public, he promised Americans that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. That was all a lie which Americans learned the hard way when the wide sweeping health insurance changes went into effect.