Feminist actress Alyssa Milano brought two men along to assist with her live streamed gun control debate with Senator Ted Cruz.

Alyssa Milano clearly put her C-List acting career on hold to become a liberal activist. Gun grabbing has become a passion of the left-wing 1980s actress. This week, she took that cause to Capitol Hill to meet with Senator Ted Cruz. And Milano did not go alone. The feminist brought two men to speak on her behalf. She needed the help of two men to debate and discuss gun control with the conservative Senator from Texas who live streamed the event.

Hollywood Liberalism Disorder

Typical of many Hollywood liberals, Milano wants to infringe upon the rights of others … while having a separate set of rules for herself. The “Who’s The Boss” child actress wants to restrict Second Amendment rights of Americans, but not herself. She believes and supports red flag laws, yet she began the conversation with Cruz by confessing that she has anxiety. Later on, she explained that she has two guns in her own home. Hypocritical much? RELATED: Alyssa Milano Gets Shut Down Immediately After Hateful Description of Republicans

She is known for throwing bombs on Twitter that are often filled with incorrect facts. When speaking with Cruz, her tone was quite different. The actress put on quite a dramatic display by playing up emotions.

She brought Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed in the 2018 Parkland shooting, and gun control activist Ben Jackson to assist her. Guttenberg appeared to blame Cruz for his daughter’s shooting and brought pictures of Parkland victims in an attempt to shame Cruz. The Texas Senator kept his cool even when Guttenberg described Cruz’s stance on the Second Amendment as “horrific.”

Ted Cruz Schools Alyssa Milano On Machine Guns

Milano herself was not confrontational but rather emotional. She highlighted her poor grasp on guns and the current laws that are on the books. In the tweeted video below, Cruz has to explain to the left-wing actress the difference between a machine gun and a semi-automatic rifle.

Gun grabbers favor calling AR-15s “machine guns” because it conjures up fear. But, they aren’t machine guns. As Cruz points out, machine guns are illegal and don’t even belong in the conversation. The left uses the terminology to distort and mislead the masses. RELATED: Jon Voight Shuts Alyssa Milano Down With Class After Her Nasty Attack

Feminist Alyssa Milano Brought Two Men To Help Her Debate Ted Cruz

Milano and her two gun control proxies didn’t propose anything that would actually keep guns out of the hands of criminals. People who want to kill are not going to obey the laws. The current laws do not even work. They only restrict the rights of legal gun owners. Chicago is a prime example.

The full conversational debate can be seen in the video below.

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