NFL's Demario Davis is send MAN OF GOD headband to pope

Demario Davis continues spreading goodwill and the Christian faith after being targeted by the NFL for wearing a Christian MAN OF GOD headband during a game. The Saints linebacker continues to turn this negative into a positive. With a Christian movement reaching as far as the Pope!

Demario Davis Uses NFL Fine to Serve Greater Good

After Davis was fined over $7,000 for wearing a MAN OF GOD headband, fans rallied to his side.

The fan support inspired Davis to sell his headbands. He also added a WOMAN OF GOD version. Davis’ headband sales had a higher purpose:

One hundred percent of the proceeds on the $25 MAN OF GOD headbands are being donated to St. Dominic Hospital in Davis’ hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

The demand for these Christian headbands the NFL deemed to be rebellious was steep.

As of October 19, Davis generated profits from headband sales totaling more than $60,000.

A matching grant to the hospital brought the total donation to $120,000.

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MAN OF GOD Demario Davis Humbled By Fan Support

This entire experience has been both humbling and awe-inspiring to Davis. He had no idea that his headband would ever cause controversy.

This fine ended up motivating tens of thousands of Americans to proudly and publicly proclaim their faith.

“This is amazing, it just shows you the power of God,” the Christian linebacker said on Fox News. “You know, I would have never thought this whole movement would have happened — and it’s not just here in New Orleans. It’s been national.”

Davis who says he intends to “glorify God” in everything he does is continuing to use this platform to get people to proclaim their faith.

He has asked those purchasing his headbands to tag him on Instagram. The “Man Of God” himself wants to see this Christian movement grow and flourish.

Demario Davis Wins Appeal on NFL Fine

Davis won the appeal of his fine. This movement was so grand that even the NFL backed down. They can’t afford to alienate anymore fans.

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It certainly helps to have God on your side!

Davis got an unintentional supporter in Pope Francis who tweeted using the New Orleans Saints hashtag to discuss new saints that had been canonized in the Catholic Church.

The Pope used the hashtag #Saints in his tweet which displayed Davis’ NFL team’s logo in the text.

Pope Francis Tweet

“I liked it even more because I feel like it kind of flowed off our ‘Our Man of God’ thing … so now I got to send the Pope a ‘Man of God’ headband,” the linebacker said in a recent interview.

Demario Davis definitely has started a movement. He has taught us how to work towards glorifying God in every aspect of our lives. He was willing to risk punishment to proclaim his faith and he ended up inspiring thousands.

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