WWE Tag Team Returning Soon? + WWE Draft Confirmed With New Info

Lots of things are happening, and now may be a great time for The Usos to return. It turns out the brothers may ibe close. And, the WWE Draft is happening!

Is A WWE Tag Team Returning Soon?

-Jimmy and Jey Uso have been missing from WWE television for a couple months at this point. We last saw the brothers work a match in July. They no doubt earned some time off, plus there was a DUI to deal with as well. 

However, all signs are now pointing to an impending return to WWE programming, per a report from Wrestling Observer.

The timing of the return is yet to be known, but with current storylines, it is not crazy to imagine the Usos could show up very soon, as someone near and dear to them found himself outnumbered last night at Clash of Champions.

It would be rather convenient for WWE to have Jimmy and Jey run in to save Roman Reigns, and that could set up a number of possible matches.

Alternatively, their return could be saved for the SmackDown-Fox debut, or they could be next seen as part of the upcoming WWE draft.

WWE Draft confirmation, plus new information

-In what was the worst kept secret out there, WWE is holding yet another draft in 2019, the company confirmed.

This draft will commence on October 11, the 2nd episode of SmackDown on Fox. It will conclude on the October 14th episode of RAW.

The new (and unsurprising) wrinkle to this, is expect both Fox and NBCUniversal talent to be involved in their respective draft segments. It’s a great opportunity to cross-promote, which both broadcasting companies aiming to bring new eyes to their wrestling and non-wrestling vehicles.

There’s been a lot of talk about wanting to make this draft more resemble that of a true professional sports draft. If WWE is looking at the best examples, that would be the NFL draft, the NBA draft, and in a distant 3rd, the NHL draft. All have turned their annual drafts into several days of programming. Now, while that won’t be the case here, as the draft will span just two days/shows…Vince McMahon loves the theatrics, so expect things to be done to a whole new level.

Perhaps this time around, the brand split will actually stick?

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