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Despite their best efforts, the WWE has not yet found its new babyface fan draw. John Cena fulfilled that role for the longest time, but now he is focussing on movie roles and other things outside of wrestlers, the company is desperate for another wrestler to take over the mantle. But who will take it?

WWE’s Failed Experiments

Roman Reigns

Even though the WWE has not found its new posterboy yet, it isn’t for a lack of trying. Over the past couple of years, the company has attempted to push several superstars in the prime spot. One of these superstars was none other than Roman Reigns.

Despite the fact that Reigns is quite the talented and charismatic wrestler, the continuous pushing of Super Roman was not appreciated by wrestling fans. Eventually, it caused many fans to turn against Reigns, no matter how good the matches he put on. Needless to say, the Roman Reigns experiment failed, despite the fact he had support from his cousins, The Rock and The Usos.

In recent history, Vince McMahon has tried to push other superstars. One prime example is Baron Corbin. Eventually, the WWE had to give in and turn Corbin into one of the most hated heels in the company. So, they were successful in that regard.

Of course, this phenomenon of failed experiments is not new. Cena eventually suffered the same fate, with fans shouting “John Cena sucks” after the CM Punk pipebomb.

Is Seth Rollins The Man?

Seth Rollins WWE

Seth Rollins might be the company’s next babyface. After all, the company does not need to do a lot of pushing, he was extremely popular to begin with. Nevertheless, the WWE might face some challenges pushing Rollins into the same spot John Cena once held.

One of the reasons why Rollins became insanely popular was his old heel persona. During a time where Roman Reigns was pushed to ad nauseum, Seth Rollins’ heel persona was a welcome change. He also put up spectacular matches, so his following only grew with each passing year.

Still, babyface Seth Rollins is not the old heel Rollins. Nobody can deny that being a heel is a whole lot easier these days than being a face. So, it will be tricky for Rollins to maintain his popularity with his face persona over the years to come.

What About The Fiend?

The WWE have used many babyfaces in the past to advertise their company. Cena is just one of many, as Hulk Hogan and other major superstars have fulfilled the same role in the past. So, a heel posterboy could be a little more difficult.

There have been heels who have been pushed tremendously by the company and put on the front of all the promotional materials; this includes Brock Lesnar. Even though Brock Lesnar is not something the WWE would want to push at this point, it does prove that a heel posterboy could be an option.

One of the characters who has a huge following at the moment, and is making Raw interesting to watch again, is none other than Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has struck gold with his fiend persona, so it could be the key to drawing even more people to the product.

Of course, the fiend is not exactly the most PG-friendly character. The WWE is still trying to capture the PG product, even though they have implemented a lesser PG product in the third hour of Raw. However, the WWE have forgotten that a PG product does not necessarily attract younger viewers. In fact, things that are a little forbidden are often more attractive, so Bray Wyatt could be the answer to the WWE’s problem.

Use The Power Of Good Wrestling

Even though good mic skills are important, a good wrestler does not need outstanding mic skills or even good promo ability to become the face of the company. John Cena may have been the king on the microphone, but it does not have to limit the future of the company.

One of the wrestlers who is a babyface and is enjoying the support of the WWE Universe is Ricochet. While he is not terrible on the mic, he is certainly not a promo wonder like Bray Wyatt or John Cena. Nevertheless, this does not diminish his opportunity to become the company’s main guy.

As Ricochet is still extremely young, he certainly has years of high performance matches in the nearby future. If the company want someone reliable over the next ten years, who can also count on the continuous admiration of the WWE universe, Ricochet could be the man for the job.

Evidently, there are other wrestlers that meet this requirement. Unfortunately, they do not always get the attention they deserve. Ali is quite similar to Ricochet in terms of wrestling ability and he is beloved by fans. He’s been involved in charity work and his message does resonate with a lot of people. So, he is another guy they could put forward.

Management Decisions

Vince McMahon

Unfortunately, the guys who are being pushed need to be in favor with WWE management. Guys like Daniel Bryan and The Miz had to work incredibly hard to be in the position they are in today. Their stories were even covered in storylines and interviews over the years. So, even though the WWE does have a lot of guys that meet the requirement of top company guy, it does not necessarily mean that the company will choose them.

While fans have more power than ever through social media and even by voicing their opinion on wrestling blogs, Vince McMahon is the head of the company at the end of the day. Despite being a wrestling genius, he can also be a stubborn man. So, if you are a good wrestler, but Vince does not like you, it is likely that you will end up on the bench backstage.

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