Reason For Maria Kanellis’ Baby Daddy Storyline, Lio Rush’s Return

Reason For Maria Kanellis' Baby Daddy Storyline

Reason For Maria Kanellis’ Baby Daddy Storyline

Monday’s RAW featured the first ever gender reveal party, with Maria Kanellis learned that she is having a boy. As for the the father, WWE is running an angle where Maria claims that Mike Kanellis is not the baby’s daddy.

The entire storyline will eventually reveal the father and WWE is stringing the angle along to boost ratings according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. For all we know, Mike (who is the father in real life) could be revealed as the one who helped spawned Maria’s second child.

RAW saw Maria originally name Ricochet as the father, which led to an impromptu match. Ricochet won a squash and then Maria introduced a returning Rusev, who also handed Mike a beating. Rusev, without Lana present, is not going to be the storyline father.

Ever since Maria announced that she was expecting her second child, she has been appearing more frequently on TV compared to the months leading up to her first child being born. In WWE storylines, Maria has been mocking Mike for months. She has complained that he not fit to take care of another child and the two even held the 24/7 Championship for back to back reigns for about a week.

The current storyline does have fans attention, but you have to wonder how long they will stay engaged to the angle. Plus, there is always the chance Maria could be suddenly removed from TV due to her pregnancy.

Lio Rush’s Shocking Return To WWE TV

NXT debuted on the USA Network a few days ago and a surprise appearance was made by Lio Rush, who became number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship.

Apparently, there was talk of brining Rush back into the fold back in May but that did not happen according to PW Insider. It does seem like Rush returning to WWE TV would have to come out of NXT or 205 Live, which might be shortly cancelled, as he angered many superstars on RAW and SmackDown.