Meghan McCain

On their first day back from summer hiatus, “The View” decided to tackle gun violence. Co-host Meghan McCain, the lone experienced gun owner and Second Amendment advocate, faced the ignorant backlash head-on.

The women of “The View” discussed the past month of mass shootings. Joy Behar completed the standard anti-gun talking points by quoting a poll about universal background checks.

Assault weapons ban

McCain pointed out the folly in quoting polls or anyone using terms like “assault weapons.” Pointing out that the term is unspecific and ubiquitous.

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After her co-host brought up 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s position on guns, McCain pointed out the flaw in the former VP’s language.

“Vice President Biden, as you were saying, says he wants to have a complete and total assault weapons ban,” she explained. “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives doesn’t even define the term “assault weapon.” So that could basically mean any gun, other than a musket, I guess.”

Gun legislation

Of course, Behar placed the blame at the feet of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Co-host Abby Huntsman even invoked the December 2013 mass murder of children and teachers in Sandyhook, Conn.

However, the thing no one thought to mention was the fact that Democrats controlled both the Senate and the White House in 2013. And even when they held the majority in the House prior to 2011, “assault weapon” legislation never hit then-Pres. Barack Obama’s desk.

Twitter mob

Regardless of those facts, Meghan McCain was the target of a leftwing Twitter mob following her comments.

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Even controversial attorney Michael Avenatti must watch “The View” to keep his mind off his impending legal troubles and dwindling fortune as he weighed in too.

“Great to have the @TheView back on. There are few things more entertaining then watching Meghan McCain blow herself up on national television every week,” he tweeted.

McCain wasn’t without defenders, though. Former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch pointed out how flawed the reactions to McCain’s argument were.

The responses to @MeghanMcCain discussing a basic semi-auto rifle (involved in the least amount of homicide, via FBI UCR) are insane. She set up those who complain about the criminal justice system yet are fine w/ police using guns door to door to confiscate lawfully owned arms,” she tweeted.

Meghan McCain reacts

For her part, Meghan McCain seemed unphased by the mockery.

Walking back into season 23 @TheView defending conservative beliefs and our #2A constitutional rights like….” she tweeted with an image of Clint Eastwood smoking a cigarette.

I’d say that about sums it up. Of course, that didn’t stop those outraged that McCain has opinions from creating a petition to have her fired from “The View.”

As the lone conservative, hopefully Meghan sticks it out at “The View.” But one can imagine it’s a daily torture routine.

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