meghan mccain boo
meghan mccain boo

In a recent interview, Meghan McCain opened up about the fact that the studio audience of “The View” regularly boos her.

With predecessors including ultra-leftists Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg, it’s no surprise that the audience holds contempt for the lone conservative on the show.

“It’s a very liberal audience in the studio, and they’re very vocal,” McCain said. “People are always looking to turn you into something.”

The hostile atmosphere in the studio at “The View” chased away McCain’s predecessor’s, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepard.

But Meghan McCain is following her father’s example, late Sen. John McCain, and refuses to be cowed by the tidal wave of animus directed at her way on the show.

“My presence on the show has been, ‘Nobody’s going to bully me, nobody’s going to talk down to me, and nobody’s going to pull the kind of sh– that’s been pulled on a lot of people in this chair,” she explained. “And I will be vocal, and I will live in the moment, for better or worse.'”

However, she also says she’d like to be “less reactive” in her tiffs with her cohosts and how the confrontations get labeled as “catfights” by the media.

“Most of the time it’s complete bulls—,” she remarked, “but sometimes there’s some truth to it.”

Is Meghan McCain leaving “The View”?

As Meghan McCain’s original contract with “The View” is up for renewal later this year, many have speculated whether she will continue on the show.

Meghan McCain’s father encouraged her to take the gig on “The View” before he died. She says he told her, “You can’t ever give up an opportunity to work on a network with Whoopi Goldberg.”

However, while sources say McCain admits to feeling “exhausted and defeated” and perhaps “doesn’t think it’s worth it anymore,” they also don’t think she’s going to give up.

Meghan McCain’s miscarriage.

One consideration Meghan McCain is likely giving more weight to these days is how healthy it is to constantly be subjected to the negativity of the studio audience. Especially if she’s struggling to start a family.

Earlier this month, McCain wrote a touching article about the miscarriage she and her husband, conservative publisher Ben Domenech, experienced earlier this year.

No one can ever say Meghan McCain didn’t hold up under the pressure of being a co-host on “The View.” But life moves on and Meghan McCain may decide her future is beyond morning talk show television.

Watch at 3:00 where Meghan responds to the audience’s booing of her once again:

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