Joy Behar Wants Us to Ignore Census Citizenship Question – Meghan Explodes

Is she serious?

Meghan McCain let loose on her “The View” cohost Joy Behar on Tuesday after the latter called on Americans not to answer Donald Trump’s proposed census question on citizenship.

Fox News reported that McCain pointed out to Behar that it would not be as easy for most Americans to pay the thousands of dollars worth of fines that come with ignoring the question as it would for a wealthy liberal elitist like her.

“You will be fined $5,000 to $10,000 if you don’t answer it,” McCain explained. “I don’t think the average American can afford 10 grand.”

Behar bizarrely responded by saying that Americans could simply pretend that they did not see the question, and that authorities would have a tough time punishing everyone who did not answer.

“They can’t put all of us in jail,” Behar said. “We’re about 200 some-odd million people in this country.”

As the camera panned to a visibly disturbed McCain, Behar said, “lock us all up.” Behar also claimed that Trump only wants to eliminate the census question so that he can get rid of competition for Republicans who are running for office.

Census Controversy

This comes one day after Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley addressed the controversy surrounding the census question by arguing that Americans have a right to know who is in our own country.

“It’s kind of fascinating to me, we’re at a weird place in America when President Trump is being asked why he wants this question included in the census, and Democrats aren’t being asked why they don’t,” Gidley said. “Everyone should want to know who’s in this country, and this is nothing new.”

It’s sad that Democrats have so little support from the American people that they are desperate to give illegal immigrants the right to vote. We applaud McCain for once again standing up to the liberal nutcase that is Joy Behar and for exposing her ignorance for the world to see!

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