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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is being blasted by Ted Nugent for saying he’ll renounce his U.S. citizenship over Roe V. Wade ruling.
Christian Football Coach
June 27, 2022
The Supreme Court is siding with a Christian high school football coach, saying that he has the right to pray at the 50-yard line.
Pink is blasting any fans of hers who support the overturn of Roe v. Wade, telling them to stop listening to her music.
Gwen Berry black americans
Black Americans agree it’s important for athletes to respect the U.S. flag and anthem at the Olympics rather than protest like Gwen Berry.
Prince Harry First Amendment
Prince Harry claimed that the First Amendment is “bonkers,” and he then got slammed by Piers Morgan for saying that.
Larry the Cable Guy
Larry the Cable Guy sums up what many Americans are feeling about our constitutional rights being trampled by politician’s overreaching mandates.
Mom Sara Brady arrested at Idaho playground
Now viral videos show the moment a mom protesting Idaho’s strict stay-at-home orders is arrested for refusing to leave the playground.
John Rich will pay his Redneck Riviera restaurant workers through coronavirus
John Rich is advocating for working Americans by paying his Redneck Riviera restaurant workers amid coronavirus and aking other employers to follow suit.
Military Jesus Candy
January 22, 2020
The military exchange AAFES will no longer sell Jesus-themed candy after a the secular organization MRFF filed a complaint.
kevin sorbo
September 5, 2019
Actor Kevin Sorbo’s new Christian, action movie The Reliant promotes a pro Second Amendment message and comes to theaters this October.
Aaron Carter spoke out this week to defend the fact that he is a gun owner by praising the Second Amendment.
alysssa milano
May 2, 2019
Alyssa Milano has shown she is one of the most ignorant liberals in Hollywood claiming as a woman, she does not “have equal rights under the Constitution.”
alyssa milano women constituion
June 5, 2018
Liberal actress Alyssa Milano has taken a brief reprieve from pushing gun control to advocate for putting women in the Constitution. Theres just one problem: women are already in the Constitution.