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A drunk driver in South Carolina claimed she is “too pretty for prison” after she was caught driving through a stop sign while going 60 miles per hour.

Entitled people believe the rules just don’t apply to them. Those of us who understand responsibility are tired of the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality that has invaded our culture. Unfortunately, one South Carolina judge just validated today’s entitlement culture by giving a get out of jail free pass to the woman.

Judge Allows Drunk Driver To Keep License

Lauren Cutshaw blew a .18 blood alcohol content level, more than double the legal limit. Despite that, she was not ordered to serve time in jail. Even more infuriating is that the judge allowed her to keep her license. RELATED: Tears Flow After Judge Judy Teaches Brat And Her Mom A Lesson!

Drunk drivers maim and kill people. There should be serious consequences for this selfish and dangerous crime. There is no reason for anyone to be driving drunk. Call an Uber or a cab, designate a driver, or sleep it off until you’re sober. Just don’t drive drunk. But, Cutshaw doesn’t believe any of that applies to her. She is too pretty to obey our laws and the judge agreed with her.

“I graduated from a really good, a really good university. I was almost the valedictorian. I graduated with a 3.8 in my high school and got a scholarship to my college. I was an all-American cheerleader. I mean, I didn’t miss a beat my whole life,” the Realtor whined to police while being arrested last August. “I’ve never been to jail. Please, I don’t want to know what it’s like.”

Drunk Driver Cites Her Status To Be Let Off Easy

She even went so far as to toss out her race and wealth status as a means to get out of being arrested saying “I’m a very clean, thoroughbred, white girl” and “I’m a white, clean girl.” RELATED: Man Calls Judge Judy’s Show ‘Stupid’ and She Lays Into Him

Even though Cutshaw risked killing people by driving drunk, she was only ordered to $187 in court costs and fines and complete South Carolina’s Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. The “pretty” woman was free to go and actually drive home after her court hearing after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in a sweet plea deal.

No Respect For Police Officers Or Laws

Our police officers risk it all to protect us and then the weight of the law crumbles with weak-kneed judges and prosecutors. The video below will enrage you knowing this woman is still behind the wheel after her drunk driving temper tantrum. She thinks she’s entitled to drive drunk because she’s “pretty” and the judge proved her right!

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