Bette Midler tweets climate change hints in the wake of Hurricane Dorian's devastation on the Bahamas.

Bette Midler is trying to pass herself off as a concerned celebrity while invoking the “danger” of climate change in the wake of Hurricane Dorian’s devastation on the Bahamas. Midler feigns class but, once again, her tweets about Hurricane Dorian prove her out as simply another leftwing muppet. (Related: Bette Midler Makes A Fool Of Herself With National Security Tweet.)

“Hurricanes stronger, waters higher; Nature is taking her revenge” she said on Tuesday. “The devastation is extraordinary. We stand in solidarity with the victims of Dorian, knowing that our time is coming soon.”

Bette Midler blames the victim

Now, we all hear ad nauseum about how climate change disparately impacts the poor and peoples of color. And Bette Midler’s tweet implies the people of The Bahamas are suffering because humanity has done something wrong. (Related: Bette Midler BLAMES MEN In Ridiculous Climate Change Tweet.)

What year is this again? The 1690’s?

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If Bette Midler really was “standing in solidarity” she’d be on a commercial flight to Florida and rowing herself to Grand Bahama.

But, apparently, for now the Bahamian people should take comfort that Midler is sitting on her phone in “solidarity.”

The “Party of Science”

Midler’s ilk laugh and fall on their fainting couches at the mere whiff of an implication that God punishes people through the weather. But switch out “God” for “Nature” and suddenly the logic works for them.

Bette Midler’s warning about “Hurricanes stronger, waters higher” absent any citations reads like tweets from Harold Camping talking about the End Times.

And her definition of “soon” seems a bit late, seeing as how we’ve already past the date Florida was supposed to be completely submerged in the Atlantic.

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Bette Midler’s hatred of Trump

Bette Midler also took time out of her solidarity tweeting to excoriate the person she loves to hate, Pres. Donald Trump.

“Dear Donnie, Boy, that was some Twitterstorm you provided us with this weekend,” she snarked. “A regular Category 5!! But you’re not looking good. Don’t forget, you’re not supposed to snort anything white after Labor Day!”

Despite Pres. Trump’s activity on Twitter, he spoke with the Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and approved U.S. assistance.

Of course, Bette Midler won’t acknowledge the admirable efforts in the real world. As long as there’s something snarky to tweet about, she’s all over it.

What’s truly sad is that in the time Midler takes to tweet, the people she says she stands in solidarity with are dying. And ultimately, her thoughts and comments aren’t about them, they’re about her.

So much for sympathy.

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