Bette Midler Kirstie Alley
Bette Midler Kirstie Alley

Actress Kirstie Alley just fired back at Bette Midler after the singer posted an anti-Donald Trump tweet that the former “Cheers” star described as “pure and real racism.”

AOL reported that it all started on Wednesday when Midler took to Twitter to post a photo of Trump speaking at one of his rallies with a group of black men behind him. Midler captioned the image, “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground?'”

Alley Blasts Midler

Midler has since been widely slammed for the tweet, with many pointing out how racist she is for thinking that black men can’t possibly hold conservative beliefs. One of the most famous detractors of Midler’s was Alley, who described the tweet as “racist” and “degrading.”

“This is one of the most racist, degrading ‘jokes’ I’ve seen on Twitter & that’s saying a lot,” Alley tweeted. “We get it Bette, you hate Trump & that’s your right but to imply Black men have to be PAID to celebrate their OWN political views is pure and REAL racism. And “BLACKGROUND”?? WTF??!!”

It’s incredibly racist the way the left thinks minorities can’t think for themselves and absolutely MUST vote Democrat. Any minority who dares to be a conservative has something wrong with them in the eyes of the left, and if that’s not racism, I don’t know what is. We applaud Alley for putting her own career in the liberal world of Hollywood at risk to call out Midler for her blatant leftist racism.

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