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Bette Midler still hasn’t learned that tweets drenched in hysteria aren’t a good idea. Last week, the actress apologized after saying women were the “n-word of the world” and now, she’s bringing her unfocused outraged to address global warming.

The actress tweeted that we will all “burn, drown or starve” thanks to global warming brought on by Trump. Of course, The “Wind Beneath My Wings” star is blaming President Trump for this. She even compared him to former Filipino President Ferdinand Marco who ruled as a dictator under martial law. The fact that Midler compares this situation to living under martial law with corruption and brutality shows how out of touch this entertainer is.

She then doubled down on her Trump hatred by wishing that the roof of his Mar-a-Lago home blows off and the property is destroyed. She believes that is the only way the President will care about the environment.

It’s rather ironic that many of these Hollywood stars like Bette Midler are obsessed with global warming while flying around on private jets and living in big mansions requiring tremendous amounts of energy and natural resources to heat, cool, clean, or maintain the landscaping. They live these extravagant lifestyles while barking at average Americans about our carbon footprints.

The Rose star is no stranger to making neurotic statements about global warming on Twitter. While she lives an extravagant lifestyle that certainly takes a tremendous amount of energy to maintain, she blames men for global warming. To make her argument even more ridiculous, Bette was complaining about a break in typical brutal winter weather. While many Americans were enjoying not using their furnace for a few days in February, Bette Midler griped about it and blamed it on males.

Twitter has served as a platform for Bette Midler to highlight her own ignorance and hypocrisy. Imagine if President Trump cast blame for something upon on all women. She and others suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would call him a misogynist but she believes it’s okay for her to do this to men.

Source: Breitbart

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