Teen Girls Bully ‘Friend’ for Being ‘Fat’ and Bystanders Can’t Stay Silent

"What Would You Do?" finds out how bystanders react to seeing a child be bullied for her weight.

The teen years are tough. We all remember trying to maneuver the transition from childhood to adulthood. Teens not only have to deal with physical changes but also peer pressure and bullying. The words of others can have impactful or devastating effects during these crucial years. Far too often, teens are ruthless to each other. An undercover video shows us firsthand how those words can really land a punch on impressionable kids and it also shows us how adults react when they see an innocent kid being picked on by bullies masquerading as friends.

“What Would You Do?” Season 15

What Would You Do?” is back for another season. The hit show uses cameras and actors to show us how unsuspecting people react to disturbing situations. This episode, they are taking us all back to high school with some actors in an ice cream shop. Two girls demean a friend for eating ice cream. They tell the girl she has gotten fat and it is “disgusting” that she is eating ice cream. The mean girls are there to get iced coffee and want their friend to do the same. RELATED: Manager Won’t Serve Man Wearing A MAGA Hat But Watch The Other Customers

How to Deal With Bullies

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with the folks sitting there eating ice cream. Many of us were teased and bullied during the teen years and some people simply can’t sit by and watch it happen. Those cruel words can have long-lasting effects on children. A lot of us have first-hand experience with how mean words can impact decisions and self-esteem for decades.

Many of the adults don’t hold back on these bullies. What is also encouraging is that many other teens who witness the appalling behavior also speak up. RELATED: Man With Down Syndrome Bullied at a Restaurant But Watch the Others Patrons

These mean girls really met their match when a therapist who deals with eating disorders walked in with her own daughter. She knows exactly how harmful these words are to a teen’s self-esteem. The ridicule can have lifetime negative effects. This led to one heck of a confrontation that just might help restore your faith in humanity. There are still good people in this world who won’t remain silent when they see someone being picked on in public.

The video is below and definitely is worth a watch.

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