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What Would You Do bullying ice cream
What Would You Do bullying ice cream
August 9, 2019
Customers in an ice cream shop confront two teen girls bullying another for being fat on the recent episode of…
lightning teen survives
August 17, 2018
A 13-year-old Arizona teen somehow survived being struck by lightning and he's giving credit for his miraculous recovery to God. 
teen pushed bridge press conference
August 10, 2018
The family of the teen pushed off a bridge want the adult female assailant charged. Jordan Holgerson's sister even confronted…
police scare teen straight
May 17, 2018
The teen years are when many kids rebel. Their actions during this time can make or break the rest of…
cheerleader mom complains
May 10, 2018
When a parent compained that her daughter deserved to be a cheerleader the high school caved to the entitled teen's…
May 8, 2018
Tom and Karen have an out of control teen daughter named Madison. They are so desperate to get some help…
missing teen returns
April 20, 2018
A Georgia family is celebrating after their 15-year-old son who went missing in 2016 has been found. After being gone…