Paul Heyman High On RAW Superstar, Vince McMahon’s NXT Role

Paul Heyman High On RAW Superstar

Paul Heyman High On Cedric Alexander

When WWE changed up their rosters earlier in the year, a few names from 205 Live like Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy went to the main roster. Murphy accidentally landed in a feud involving a mystery person(s) attacking Roman Reigns and now Cedric is also getting some attention. 

It started with Reigns being outnumbered by Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre, until Cedric made the unexpected save. Now, Cedric is being featured weekly on RAW and is also working a program with Drew McIntyre, who WWE is high on. During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how RAW Executive Producer Paul Heyman is a big fan of Cedric; hence the reason for the random push on TV.

We will have to see if Cedric continues to feud with McIntyre as both men are currently listed to compete in the King of Ring Tournament that begins this week and culminates at Clash of Champions.

Vince McMahon To Be Hands-On With NXT

We know that WWE is ready to battle All Elite Wrestling as they are bringing NXT to TV. After being rumored for a spot on FS1, it now appears that NXT will air on the USA Network and an official announcement could come tomorrow before or during RAW. With NXT airing on the USA Network, which WWE has called home on and off for over two decades, things are likely to change behind the scenes for the yellow and black brand.

Dave Meltzer also noted during the Wrestling Observer Radio how Vince McMahon will certainly have a say in what is produced. In the past, NXT has been Triple H’s baby.

“It also means that no matter what that everyone who also thinks that Vince McMahon isn’t going to get involved — you know like, it’s on the USA Network,” said Meltzer. “Vince is not going to be hands-off on a show on the USA Network.”

Besides Vince constantly rewriting scripts for RAW and SmackDown at the last minute, he also has the XFL relaunching in the first few months of 2020. With so much to worry about, there has to be concern from fans that NXT will lose the edge that has separated them from the main roster. The Takeover cards are always producing some of the best action in WWE and there has to be a fear that the product could get watered down or lost in Vince’s hectic schedule.