Matt Riddle Making A Bunch Of News + Goldberg On RAW?

Matt Riddle has been a big hit since debuting in NXT, but he's not winning over fans in the veteran wrestler category. Also, are we getting more Goldberg?

Matt Riddle has been impressive since making his NXT debut. The King of Bros has quickly become a fan favorite. He is not necessarily making fans of some veteran wrestlers, however.

In the past, he has been candid about wanting to retire Brock Lesnar. That match seems a long way off (if it ever happens at all), but could be a way to make Riddle a star. In other moments, Riddle has not spoken highly of the recent Goldberg one-off match debacle.

Most recently, Riddle went off again on Twitter, this time getting a response that got the attention of AEW Superstar and former WWE Champion Chris Jericho.

I do enjoy watching Riddle work, and he should have a bright future. Based on these interactions, however, one has to hope he’s not going to be making unnecessary enemies.

-In other Riddle news, Matt got to throw out a first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. The Rays mascot also took a crossbody from the NXT Superstar.

-We mentioned earlier the recent debacle that was Goldberg’s lucrative foray out of retirement. Based on how that went, you’d expect we’d never see the man work another match, because it was very bad. Like, probably worst WWE match of the year, and there’s still four months to go.

However, it might not be the last we see of Goldberg in the ring.

Recently, Dolph Ziggler made comments about Goldberg on RAW. Now, multiple outlets are reporting that we could see the Hall of Famer on RAW tonight to set up a SummerSlam match.

This would be an interesting development for sure. For one thing, that’s not a lot of time to promote what should probably be a bigger deal. For another, considering fans remember that atrocious match, it’s an odd choice for sure. The one saving grace here could be that, at this stage, Ziggler can probably carry Goldberg to a much more credible performance than Undertaker could.

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