More Possible Edge Return

-Early on for the 2019 edition of SummerSlam, things got off to an interesting start.

Elias was out to serenade the Toronto crowd at Scotiabank Arena. His latest song was, of course, not so loving to the host city. Someone had to step up and silence Elias this time, but who?

Enter Hall of Famer (and Canadian) Edge.

Edge didn’t just cut in during the segment. For the first time in a long time, Edge got physical and delivered a spear to Elias.

That was a huge spot, considering that Edge was forced into a premature retirement due to a severe neck injury.

-We already knew that Hall of Famer Trish Stratus would be battling Charlotte Flair on the main card. Ahead of the match, it was reported that this would be the absolute last match for the mostly-retired WWE Superstar.

Trish gave fans everything they could have wanted, as well as giving Charlotte everything that she could take.

In the end, it was not enough. Flair survived a Figure 8 from Stratus, to lock the Toronto native in that same submission maneuver, leaving Stratus no choice but to tap out.

Following the match, Trish climbed each of the four corners to salute her family, friends and the WWE fans. It certainly felt like that was Trish saying her final farewells to the WWE ring and fans.

-In something of a stunning surprise, Bret Hart made an appearance backstage during the show.

The Hall of Famer was seen speaking with Seth Rollins, offering the challenger for the Universal Championship some words of encouragement.

This was a stunning appearance because it was only a couple months ago that WWE fans saw Hart on All Elite Wrestling’s debut PPV.

There, Bret Hart introduced the world to AEW’s world championship belt.

Now, while Vince McMahon wants to do anything he can to keep Superstars and Legends from showing up on the competitor’s shows, he’s also known to hold grudges. That he had Hart show up on SummerSlam was surprising.