WWE United Kingdom Championship Disrespected At OTT Event

WWE officials are not happy with the way the WWE United Kingdom Championship was treated at an OTT event. Find out what happened!

During the Top Wrestling’s WrestleRama 3 event, the WWE United Kingdom Championship was disrespected, at least according to WWE officials. Here is what happened!

WWE United Kingdom Championship Holder Faces Starr

David Starr

The current WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter faced David Starr for the main event at WrestleRama 3. If you are familiar with the indie scene, you already know that David Starr has spoken out about his dislike for the WWE and the lack of healthcare it provides for its superstars.

While the match was going on, David Starr took an opportunity to show his disapproval to Walter joining the mega wrestling promotion. He grabbed the title and shouted at Walter for ‘selling out’. Then, he actually stepped on the WWE United Kingdom Championship, which is a clear sign of disrespect.

The Match Was Approved By The WWE


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the match between Walter and David Starr was approved by the WWE. However, the WWE did not agree to the title being stomped on.

“A correction from last week. WWE didn’t approve the David Starr stomping on Walter’s NXT U.K. title belt. Nobody knew ahead of time. Walter and Starr made the call to shock people live knowing it would get over huge. As you can imagine, the reaction from WWE was not positive. Many wrestlers thought it was disrespectful and the higher-ups weren’t happy either.” – Dave Meltzer

As the statement from Dave Meltzer indicates, the title stomping was an agreement between Walter and David Starr, which leads us to believe there is no real agro between Starr and Walter. It certainly had a shock factor, so I do not believe they were wrong in doing so. That being said, the management of the WWE were far from happy, so it remains to be seen if the incident will have any consequences for the Imperium man.

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