Booker T Pulls Out Of AEW’s All Out, New WWE Gig For “Road Dogg”

AEW had planned for Booker T to make a surprise appearance at All Out, but the WWE Hall of Famer pulled out. Also, "Road Dogg" has a new gig in WWE.

– All Elite Wresting (AEW) is riding pretty high after their first two shows were considered a success. They have another event later this month and then All Out, which is being treated as a major moment for the company as they crown their first AEW World Champion.

Like Double Or Nothing, where WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart made an unadvertised appearance, AEW had a similar idea in the works. Apparently, Booker T was going to be appear at All Out. During the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted how Booker T pulled out of the show because he sees a war brewing between WWE and AEW. It basically was a case of the WWE Hall of Famer not wanting to get in the middle of the situation.

Booker T still makes a few appearances for WWE, mostly on the pre-show panel for their major shows. With Booker T no longer appearing, it shows that talent who do not even wrestle anymore are still nervous when it comes to picking sides.

– Shortly after WrestleMania 35, “Road Dogg” Brian James left his role has the lead the writer for SmackDown due to constant changes being made to the script by Vince McMahon. Since then, “Road Dogg” returned to WWE, but was working in the Performance Center in an undisclosed way. Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that “Road Dogg” is working full-time in character development.

The job originally was being handled by Indy veteran Mike Quackenbush. Last week, WWE re-assigned all the talent to “Road Dogg.” The recent WWE Hall of Famer has always been known for his mic skills rather than performing inside the ring, so the new job title might be for the best. Also, “Road Dogg” will interact much less with Vince McMahon. As for Quackenbush, there is no word on what this means for his future with WWE.

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