Even though Brock Lesnar still has a stranglehold on the WWE Universal Championship, there is still time for good wrestling at the WWE with the upcoming WWE UK Championship tournament. The winner will take on the current UK Champion Pete Dunne, but who is the favorite? Here are a few UK wrestlers to keep an eye on.

Flash Morgan Webster

One of the favorites to win the tournament, as well as one of my personal favorites, is Flash Morgan Webster. If you only watch the WWE, you might know the wrestler already, since he entered the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. Unfortunately, he did not make it past the qualifying match due to an injury.

Flash Morgan Webster is a serious contender for the UK Championship title. Not only is he a serious fan favorite, he recently received some in-ring time and a promo segment on 205 Live. Naturally, this is an indicator that Flash Morgan Webster will make it far in the WWE UK Tournament.

Zack Gibson

We already have a babyface in our possible winner’s list, so it is only natural there is an outstanding heel in the overview as well. While the WWE has been known for some excellent heels, nobody compares the Zack Gibson. He is the guy everyone loves to hate! Unlike any other heel in the WWE at this point, Gibson can turn a crowd instantly, making the hate feelings almost touchable.

Having a guy like Zack Gibson as the WWE UK Champion could prove beneficial. The man has some fantastic technical wrestling skills and a fully built character to boot. Of course, Gibson does not have to win to be big in the WWE. I predict he might become one of the best heels on the main roster in time.

Travis Banks

Even though it is a United Kingdom tournament, there are some competitors in the competition who are not  British. One of these competitors is New Zealander, Travis Banks. I am glad Banks is in the tournament though because his style is a little different from the average wrestler.

Travis Banks’ style might remind you somewhat of Steve Blackman; this is no surprise because the wrestler is proficient in many martial arts. Banks has an extensive background in karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which undoubtedly makes his in-ring ability a lot more interesting.

Dave Mastiff

My last top pick for the UK tournament is Dave Mastiff, another big man who is set to make a bigger name for himself in the WWE. Weighing 322 pounds and with endless stamina in the ring, Mastiff will be one to watch during the WWE UK Tournament.

His impressive weight and in-ring abilities are not the only reasons why Mastiff could become the next WWE UK Champion. Mastiff is known as one of the most dedicated British wrestlers with a genuine love for his craft. So, Mastiff certainly meets the requirements the WWE have for the next UK Champion. Even if he does not win the tournament, Mastiff is bound to have a good future in the WWE circuit.

Who is your favorite to win the WWE UK tournament?

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