Trish Stratus Rumored to Wrestle at WWE Summerslam

Who will she face?

WWE legend Trish Stratus is reportedly in talks with the WWE to make an appearance at their Summerslam pay-per-view event. Summerslam will take place in Toronto this year, which is coincidentally the Stratus’ hometown. So, who could her opponent be?

Charlotte Expecting To Be Trish Stratus’ Opponent

Trish Stratus And Charlotte

There has been significant speculation regarding Trish Stratus’ opponent, but the most persistent one is none other than Charlotte. Charlotte is a WWE legend in her own right, even though she is relatively early in her career.

During this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Charlotte stated that she is the greatest female superstar ever. On social media, she would post the following after SmackDown.

Because of the statements made by Charlotte, many fans and reporters believe that Trish Stratus could be having a match with The Queen. If this is indeed the plan, I am sure it will be one of the main matches I look forward to the most.

Introducing Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus

If you are not familiar with Trish Stratus and her work within the wrestling industry, let us update you with a little bio on this amazing wrestler.

Trish Stratus – real name Patricia Anne Stratigeas – was born on December 18, 1976 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She originally started her career as a fitness model and eventually ended up in the World Wrestling Federation, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

Unfortunately, Trish was originally hired for her looks. So, she was often involved in sexually themed storylines in the beginning of her career. However, Trish wanted to do more and not just be a pretty face on the roster. Now, she is one of the most successful and beloved female wrestlers in history.

Over the course of her career, Stratus had a number of interesting rivalries but none as captivating as the ones she had with Lita. The matches between Lita and Trish have gone down in WWE history and undoubtedly led Trish to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Trish Inspired Superstars

Stratus has inspired a number of wrestlers to chase a career in professional wrestling including big superstars such as Natalya, Melina Perez, Rosa Mendez, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Bayley, Mandy Rose and many others. So, without Trish, we might not have ever seen these wrestlers at all.

Trish Stratus has won a number of titles within the WWE. She is a seven-time women’s champion and a one-time hardcore champion. She also won the title of Diva of the Decade in 2003 and was awarded woman of the year and woman of the decade from Sports Illustrated multiple times.

Upon her retirement from professional wrestling, Stratus opened up her own Yoga Studio in Toronto, which received the name “Stratusphere.” She started the yoga studio in 2008 and received the best new business award in 2009. In 2013, she also received the award for best yoga studio.

Despite retiring several years ago, Trish has made a number of appearances within the WWE including a tag team match alongside Lita. Now, she might return again to face Charlotte.

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