Sasha Banks Offered New Contract + Is She Just Taking Time Off?

-Since we have not seen Sasha Banks on WWE programming since WrestleMania, plenty has been said about her and her absence. So let’s add some more to that.

To recap, there are numerous reports on how and why Banks walked out (if that is actually what she did). Some reports indicated she was unhappy with creative direction for her character. Some indicated she was not happy that she and Bayley were booked to drop the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship belts so soon, and to the Iiconics (and seeing how the belts have been treated since, she wouldn’t have been wrong).

While we have not seen The Boss on television, WWE has not removed her from anything. Her likeness was featured during the USA portion of the television Up-Front Presentations in May. She has reportedly been doing work on upcoming WWE projects, such as the next video game. All things you would expect her not to be doing if she wasn’t happy, or if the company expected her to not return.

Over the weekend, it appears as though Sasha Banks had a new and more lucrative contract offer presented to her.

While nothing thus far indicated she has been away due to contractual reasons, perhaps WWE feels a new and bigger contract will help fix things.

-While there has been a lot of talk about just why Banks is off television, it seems that some may actually view her time away as merely an extended time off and nothing more. Reports indicate that when Banks is ready to return, she would be brought back as if she had not missed a beat.

Considering what she’s done, she has earned that ability. When she returns, it should be similar to another big Superstar returning and getting involved in a major program immediately.

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