Original Plans For Bray Wyatt’s TV Return + Would WWE Let Sting Wrestle?

While plans change, WWE has decided when Bray Wyatt will return to TV. Also, Sting has expressed interest in one more match, but will WWE give the okay?

– When WWE purchased WCW almost 20 years ago, they were able to bring in some familiar names. The biggest wrestler that did not make the immediate jump was Sting. It was not until about 15 years after WCW was purchased did Sting finally sign with WWE. Despite their age, fans believed WWE would produce Sting vs. Undertaker as the match was considered a dream dating back to the 1990s.

Eventually Sting did join WWE and he worked a few matches, including a loss in his only WrestleMania match opposite Triple H. Months later, Sting would start another program in WWE with Seth Rollins. At Night of Champions, Sting challenged Rollins for the WWE Championship but the ending went wrong. The match was cut short as Sting hurt his neck and was later diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

With his career seemingly over, Sting would announce his retirement during his 2016 WWE Hall of Fame induction speech. Since then, Sting stated that he still feels he can wrestle but would only challenge the Undertaker. 

During the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they noted how WWE will not allow Sting to wrestle again. They cite his previous injury and turning 60 years old in March as the main reasons. We saw what happened when two older superstars meet in a high profile match when Undertaker defeated Goldberg at Super ShowDown, so hopefully WWE avoids those situations.

– There have not been Firefly Fun House segments lately on TV, but we have seen Bray Wyatt’s puppet friends appear in backstage segments.

Wrestle Votes noted that the original plan was for Wyatt to make his TV return at SummerSlam. That could have changed with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff becoming the Executive Directors of RAW and SmackDown. 

Wyatt has not appeared on TV in about a year and his character was starting to get stale. The Firefly Fun House angle has people buzzing, so WWE could be on to something huge if they make Wyatt’s return count

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