Super ShowDown: Fans Berate Undertaker Vs. Goldberg

– WWE’s run in Saudi Arabia has been nothing but controversial since the start. Of the many comments, a big one is how female superstars are not allowed to compete. It seemed WWE was hoping to change that as they had Natalya and Alexa Bliss make the long trip overseas. In the end, noted how the Saudi Arabian government did not grant permission for females to wrestle.

Triple H reportedly sent a request to The General Sports Authority, but the match did not happen. No word if the request was denied or if no reaction was provided.

Before Super ShowDown, Bliss and Natalya took part in media obligations. They were photographed, although much of their body was covered, and the images were shared across WWE’s social media accounts. The only female to appear on camera was Renee Young, who did play by play alongside Corey Graves and Michael Cole.

– Speaking of Super ShowDown, the main event was Goldberg vs. Undertaker for the first time ever. Seeing how the match went, it will probably be the only time they meet. 

The entrances were long and the match quickly became a bloody mess as Goldberg was cut on his head. There were several botches, including the end. Goldberg barely connected with the jackhammer as he dropped Undertaker on his head. Then, Undertaker was supposed to reverse a potential tombstone into his own; but, that did not work. The conclusion saw Undertaker hit a sloppy choke slam to get the win. 

As seen below, social media sounded off on the match with mostly negative comments.

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