dog the bounty hunter son
dog the bounty hunter son

The Chapman family can’t seem to catch a break as they prepare to lay Dog the Bounty Hunter’s beloved wife, Beth, to rest. Dog’s son Leland Chapman was admitted to a hospital in Colorado following an injury he sustained while helping Dog apprehend a suspect.

Leland Chapman was assisting his dad on his first manhunt since Beth passed away. While attempting to take down the wanted suspect, Leland tore his ACL. 

The Chapman’s are in Beth’s home state of Colorado this week in preparation for Beth’s second memorial service this Saturday. The first was held in Honolulu.

How bad is a torn ACL?

The ACL is a tendon in the knee and is a common injury in contact sports, like football. As Leland sacked the suspect, he likely heard the hallmark loud pop followed by intense pain. 

Surgery is often required to repair a torn ACL. This means Leland might be in the hospital recuperating on Saturday while the family celebrates Beth’s life. Thankfully, Dog will have plenty of loved ones surrounding him. 

ACL recovery typically takes around six weeks before doctor-advised physical restrictions are lifted.

Following Beth Chapman’s example.

It’s fitting that Dog is back to work this week after losing Beth late last month, as for the last two years Beth persevered through sickness and pain to continue working alongside her husband.

Beth Chapman passed away in Hawaii on June 26.

Shortly after her death, Dog spoke with the media saying things were “not great” at the time. Getting back to work is often a coping mechanism for anyone dealing with grief and loss.

Dog also issued a warning at the time that any crowd-funding sites saying they were raising money for the Chapman family weren’t authorized.

“So far, we don’t need any money at all,” Dog said at the time. Asking people to save their money rather than give it to unauthorized individuals.

Whether or not Leland, who currently lives in Alabama, will be regularly assisting his dad with work now that Beth is gone is unclear. Hopefully, he’ll be fully healed soon so the family can move on from years filled with doctors and hospitals.

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