Beth Chapman Dies At 51

Moments ago, Duane "Dog" Chapman confirmed that his wife Beth passed away at the age of 51 following a battle with cancer.

Moments ago, Duane “Dog” Chapman confirmed that his wife Beth passed away at the age of 51 following a battle with cancer.

“It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake up to go hike Koko Head mountain,” Chapman wrote on Twitter. “Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side.”

TMZ reported that Beth was initially diagnosed with Stage II throat cancer back in 2017, but she managed to fight the disease into remission by the end of that year. Unfortunately, the cancer came back with a vengeance in 2018, and she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in November. Despite this diagnosis, Beth approached her cancer battle with the characteristic toughness that she applied to everything in her life.

Beth met Dog when she was only 19 and he was 35, and ironically, they met when she found herself in trouble with the law. Beth had been shopping in a grocery store when she became distracted by a phone call from her boss, which caused her to inadvertently walk out with a lemon and get caught shoplifting. She was then found to have an unregistered, unlicensed gun in her pocket, a weapon she’d confiscated from her drunk boyfriend. After she was taken to jail, Beth’s father called Dog to bail her out, and the rest was history.

Dog and Beth, who married in 2006, became major celebrities when their show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” premiered in 2003. After the show ended it’s run, the couple did another reality show “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” which ran until 2015. At the time of Beth’s death, they were working on a new show called “Dog’s Most Wanted,” which is set to air later this year. Dog said that in her final months, Beth was still determined to work as much as possible.

“She’s still trying to cook and get involved in my bounties and business,” he said. “She’s still trying to do everything… Beth is the kind of girl who likes control. She’s trying to still advise me on my work, and I’m like, ‘Honey, I was the Dog the Bounty Hunter before I met you. Stay out of it!’”

Beth Chapman’s Christian Faith

Even while battling cancer at the end of her life, Beth never wavered in her strong faith in God.

“I don’t go to God and go, ‘Why did I get cancer?’” Beth said last month. “He’ll roll his eyes at me again, because I know why — because this is the ultimate test of faith. It is the evidence of things hoped for and it is the substance of things not known.”

In this same speech, Beth made it clear to her fans that she was still having fun with her beloved Dog right up to the end.

“We’ve had an amazing life,” Beth said. “We had great fun and we’re still having fun.”

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