beth dog the bounty hunter
beth dog the bounty hunter

After the news came out that Beth Chapman had lost her long battle with cancer at the age of 51, her husband, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, spoke with the press about her final days.

Speaking outside his Hawaii home, Dog said despite her grim diagnosis, he’s reeling at the suddenness of Beth’s passing.

Speaking through tears, Chapman said losing his beloved wife was “very unexpected” and “really fast.”

“You kind of try to remember you’re celebrating the life, but right now we’re mourning the death,” he told the media at the impromptu interview on Wednesday. “So, it’s not good.”

A warning for well-wishers.

Outside of answering questions about the loss of his sweet wife, Dog wanted to make clear, and issue a warning, to well-wishers and fellow mourners that any crowd-funding pages made in Beth’s name were not legitimate.

“Right now, we don’t need any money, so far, at all. Please save your money. Send flowers,” Chapman suggested. “There’s nothing that’s been authorized from any of us.”

“We love you, but sometimes you can show love without money,” he finished.

Making the most of her final days.

Despite her illness, Dog also said she tried to manage the mood in the household.

“I got notes in my pillowcases, on my sink, in my shaving thing,” he said.

Explaining that Beth was “somewhat of a control person,” Dog said she was still making her opinions known up until the end.

“I mean, you know, she’s still telling me what to wear,” he admitted.

Chapman also talked about how he’s holding up in the hours since her passing.

“It’s just incredible when you walk alone in the bedroom, and she was just there two days ago,” Chapman said. “I just hope to God there’s a God. I’ve always trained myself ‘What would Jesus do?’ I hope I’m not just talking to myself.”

“I hope there is a God and, if there is, I’m going to see my honey again. And that’s all we can do is hope,” he added, despite choking up with grief.

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Beth’s final words.

Dog also told about Beth‘s enduring faith in her final moments.

“When she had an attack, I didn’t know anything to do but say ‘in Jesus’ name’ and hold her. And when I said ‘in Jesus’ name’ she said, ‘Say it again. Say it more,'” he recalled while struggling to keep his composure. “Then she, you know, told the girls and everybody with her mouth and stuff—she came out of it a couple times—’I love you,’ ‘Are you guys all OK?’ ‘Don’t worry,’ but she never accepted it.”

It’s hard to fathom the pain Dog must be going through. All we can do is pray for the Chapman family during this trying time and thank God that we got to have Beth for as long as we did.

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