Sasha Banks Gets AEW Invite, Bray Wyatt Misses Matt Hardy

Sasha Banks recently got an unofficial AEW invite from a superstar with the company, and Bray Wyatt misses Matt Hardy (and he doesn't care who knows).

Sasha Banks crafted an interesting tweet that got some attention recently when she posted a photo of herself in a white swimsuit, with her hair died back to dark brown, followed by a re-introduction of herself as “Mercedes”.

This not only had the WWE Universe commenting on the photo, but other female talents in the industry as well. Taya Valkyrie, current Impact Knockouts Champion, took the time to comment on the photo stating that Banks looked “stunning”; Sasha … eerrMercedes would reply with a “thank you” and “let’s wrestle”; where Taya came back asking The Boss for a place and time. AEW female star Britt Baker chimed in on the Twitter thread, with a comment stating that she knew of “a place” the two could wrestle. See tweets below:

Bray Wyatt knocked it out of the park once again last night, with his most recent installment of Firefly Funhouse on last night’s RAW. The segment showcased a ton of symbolism: from Huskus the Pig Boy (resembling the first character Wyatt played in the WWE during his NXT years, Husky Harris), to a puppet with devil horns known as the Boss, who looked a lot like Vincent Kennedy McMahon, WWE’s Chairman.

At the end of the day, the Firefly Funhouse host could have storylines that see him take on a babyface role, or heel; however, could the WWE Universe also see Matt Hardy brought into the mix? Hardy and Wyatt were tag team champions last year, and had a tremendous amount of in-ring chemistry together. With Hardy’s brother Jeff out on injury, Matt could use a storyline and program, so perhaps Firefly Funhouse could become his new home, sometime in the near future. Anything is possible in the land of the WWE.

Regardless, both Matt and Bray hopped on to Twitter recently, where Hardy relayed his admiration for the Firefly Funhouse concept, and Wyatt? Well, he let it be known how much he misses Matt. See below:

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