Former WWE Star In Hot Water + RAW Alterations

A former WWE Superstar finds himself in hot water this morning. Also, were there changes on this week's RAW? If so, what was behind them?

-You might recall massive WWE Superstar Broadus Clay. Clay was probably most known for his Funkasaurus gimmick, though the best thing that came out of his time in WWE was the introduction of Naomi (who started as one of his Funkadactyls).

Since leaving WWE, he spent time with TNA before he landed as a personality on FOX, offering political commentary and opinion.

That gig may be winding down, thanks to one of his co-workers lodging a sexual harassment claim against Tyrus.

According to the Daily Beast, Britt McHenry accused Tyrus of sending her inappropriate text messages. As a result, the former WWE Superstar has been removed from his show.

The news of the complaint and the alleged behavior that prompted his removal apparently did not surprise others who work at the network. It appears that Tyrus has a bit of a reputation for being a bit politically incorrect, or in this case, unprofessional.

With so many organizations under intense scrutiny for various sexual harassment complaints in recent years, it would seem highly unlikely that Tyrus sticks around at FOX following this incident (assuming that everything he’s accused of is accurate.)

-Anyone who watched Monday Night RAW this week knows the show was a mess. Sadly, that has been the case more and more frequently-and not just with RAW. WWE knows it is struggling to put a product out there that makes viewers tune in and stay tuned in.

This past Monday was no exception. If anything, this week’s show was more challenging.

This week’s RAW was going head to head against the NBA Finals. That game was a win-or-go-home match for the Golden State Warriors, who ultimately prevailed.

Per the Wrestling Observer, WWE writers and producers were keeping tabs on the game. While no changes were specifically mentioned, the Observer noted that changes were made to the show, at least in part based on the Finals.

With so much flak for other changes during shows, even when not up against a bigger draw like the NBA, perhaps WWE needs to put blinders on and just focus on delivering the best product they can, without worrying about what else is out there.

If wrestling fans get a good or great product to watch, most of us won’t channel surf.


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