Monday Night Raw (6/10/2019

The Mix brings you Ringside Intel’s recap and results for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw (6/10/2019) broadcast. Show starts at 8 pm EST. Shane McMahon celebrates his Super Showdown victory. Tweet and follow @RingsideIntel on Twitter.

Monday Night Raw (6/10/2019): 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Universal Champion Seth Rollins comes out to the ring to cut a promo. Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come out to interrupt and Owens ends up challenging Rollins. Rollins accepts and they will have a match later tonight.


Handicap Elimination Match: Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party

Sullivan dispatches the first two quickly. Then he batters Gran Metalik, pinning him and then pulling Metalik’s shoulder up himself before the 3-count so he can continue his assault. Sullivan ultimately gets the pinfall after a flying headbutt from the top rope.

Winner: Lars Sullivan


24/7 champ R-Truth gets stuck on an elevator with a number of his potential challengers who chase him around constantly.


Raw Women’s Champ Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans have a promo segment ahead of their title match at Stomping Grounds.


Alexa Bliss tells Nikki Cross how much she appreciates the time they’ve been able to spend together. Bliss is happy she just gets to be “Lexy” around Cross and doesn’t have to put on airs.


United States Champion Samoa Joe comes out and a series of potential challengers all start making their way out to challenge him. The Miz, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Ricochet and Cesaro are make appearances and a brawl ends up breaking out with everyone as it cuts to commercial.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Braun Strowman, Ricochet & The Miz vs. US Champ Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley & Cesaro

Ricochet hits Cesaro with a 630 for the 3-count.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Ricochet & The Miz


Tag Team Match: Raw Women’s Champ Becky Lynch & Smackdown Women’s Champ Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans

Evans gets the win with a Woman’s Right.

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans


Sami Zayn suggests to Shane McMahon that he be the outside referee in Kevin Owens’ match against Seth Rollins tonight. Just to make sure things are called down the middle, he says. Shane replies as though he just came up with the idea, suggesting Zayn be the outside referee. Just to make sure things are called down the middle, Shane says. Zayn tells Shane he’s a genius.


Paul Heyman comes out to cut a promo on behalf of his client, Money In The Bank winner Brock Lesnar.


24/7 champ R-Truth seems to be getting on well enough with his elevator mates, despite them usually haunting his steps day in, day out. EC3 does say if they don’t get out of there soon, he’s going to have to eat one of them. He pulls out a plastic fork. Carmella says no one is eating anyone and no one can talk anymore unless they hold her hat. Drake Maverick grabs the hat and says he needs to get out of there. They continue to banter as a fades to the next segment.


Tag Team Match: Women’s Tag Champs The IIconics vs. Jobbers

The IIconics get the quick win.

Winners: The IIconics


Shane McMahon, fresh off his victory over Roman Reigns at Super Showdown, comes out with his benefactor, Drew McIntyre. Shane says Reigns is at the top of his game. The guy has victories over The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. But he does not have a victory over Shane McMahon. Shane then thanks McIntyre for helping him prepare. McIntyre, who will face Reigns at Stomping Grounds, says that Shane is the best in the world, but he is the most dangerous. And McIntyre says he owes Reigns for what happened at WrestleMania.

Shane says McIntyre is so intense and he loves that. But they’re out there to celebrate, so they pop some bubbly and have a drink. Then Shane brings out The Revival, who he says will soon be the Tag Team Champions. The Revival tries to have a drink but Shane reminds them they have their match for the titles up next.


Tag Team Triple Threat Match for the Championships: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (c) vs. The Revival vs. The Usos

The Revival picks up the win and becomes the new champions.

Winners: The Revival (c)


R-Truth and his elevator companions continue to get more familiar.


Bray Wyatt appears for an edition of Firefly Fun House.


Singles Match (with Special Guest Outside-The-Ring Referee Sami Zayn): Seth Rollins (c) vs. Sami Zayn

Rollins is about to get the 3-count after a Stomp on Owens, but Zayn pulls the ref out before his hand strikes the mat a third time. Zayn says he’s taking over the in-ring officiating and he starts busting Rollins’ chops. Rollins grabs Zayn by the scruff and Zayn calls for a disqualification.

Winner: Kevin Owens (DQ)

After the match, Rollins attacks Zayn but Baron Corbin comes out and attacks him, battering the champ with a chair. Rollins fights back and gets hold of the chair. Corbin retreats but Zayn ends up taking a few chair shots for his trouble. Corbin looks on from the main stage as Rollins talks trash from the ring. Rollins rips the referee’s shirt off Zayn and then Stomps him in the center of the ring. He holds his belt above his head, as Corbin wears a concerned look.

That concludes this Monday Night Raw (6/10/2019) recap. Also, check out the recap from this week’s Smackdown Live.

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