24/7 Championship Offers Pleasant Surprises

Dear WWE Creative,

Yes, the belt itself is ugly; yes, the rules around it seemed confusing at first; and yes, we may have all wanted a rebirth of the Hardcore Championship initially; however, the 27/7 title has turned out to be be a delightful surprise.
And, with your guidance, I hope it’ll continue to be one of the highlights of WWE programming and social media in a world of uncertainty and lack of focus that plagues your company on a creative standpoint.


Comedic Relief

First off, whoever decided to hand over the reigns to R-Truth and this title made a good call. Comedic relief can be a sticky situation in the land of the WWE. When done right, it can offer fans entertainment; when done wrong, it can be outright lame. For the most part, R-Truth knows how to make fans laugh, and he’s one of the most underrated superstars in the WWE when it comes to views on legacy superstars leave behind. It has been often stated that it’s not what you do in life, but how you make people feel; and while R-Truth may never rack up WWE titles or become a Triple Crown Champion, he always entertains. He’s a talent that many may reflect upon years from now, and well after he retires, as a superstar that made fans feel good about the product; regardless, of the storyline he was placed in. And he’s been on fire as of late between seven-minute dance breaks, WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, and now the 24/7 title. He and Carmella make a great team.

Additionally, much like soap operas or primetime dramas, the WWE too needs comedic relief within storylines, and the 24/7 Championship has delivered on this during Monday Night RAW, SmackDown LIVE, as well as social media. From having a crowd of wrestlers running after Truth and Carmella, to the title changing hand under the ring, to being locked in an elevator; in what sometimes feels like segment after segment of boring WWE T.V., the 24/7 title has kept viewers invested and laughing in their seats along the way.


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You got this, @wwemaverick! We’re here for you. #RAW #247Title

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Focus On Mid-Card Talent

Let’s face it: thanks to the Wild Card Rule, there’s a gaping hole when it comes to mid-card storylines. It’s near impossible to for a mid-card superstar to connect with fans, and these talents serve a valuable purpose on WWE television. With programming bombarded with main event stars monopolizing time right now, it’s hard for a mid-carder to catch a break. The 24/7 Championship and its segments offers some well-deserved T.V. time to these superstars.


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It is absolute MAYHEM in San Jose as @ronkillings1 & @carmellawwe are trying to escape with the #247Championship! #Raw

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Social Media Buzz

A mass majority of WWE fans love social media buzz with WWE superstars. From cryptic tweets, to bantering back and forth, to posts that relate to current storylines, and ones that sometimes blur between real-life and onscreen rivalries; anyone on Instagram or Twitter loves seeing a little WWE action when we pull up these apps. There were none of these platforms when the Hardcore title existed, so the unique spin on the 24/7 title is that it can incorporate social media shenanigans, bringing a unique twist to things.


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Does #247Champion @ronkillings1 live under the ring now? #247Title #RAW @wwecesaro

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Moving Forward

While storylines have centered around R-Truth, this can’t be the case forever … so, what would I like to see? Perhaps the women getting mixed up a little more in all this? Maybe even eventually a tag team. Perhaps another interesting move to help shed light on 205 LIVE is to have a talent from that division hold the championship (while still remaining on the Purple brand), or have a manager score the title at some point?
While the rumbles were negative at first, one thing you’ve done right lately (in a slew of things done wrong), it the 24/7 Championship.



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