Mysterio Injury News + 3rd Hour Of RAW + WWE Alum In AEW

We have new news on Rey Mysterio's injury. What are WWE's plans for the third hour of RAW? And a new former WWE star is joining AEW.

-While we were told that the United States Championship bout at Money In The Bank was cut short due to blood, we also learned that newly crowned champion Rey Mysterio suffered an injury. Reports indicated that Mysterio was nursing his shoulder backstage.

Now, per PWInsider, we’ve learned that the champion has been spotted in Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham is the location of Doctor James Andrews, who has performed surgeries on numerous WWE Superstars.

Now, the visit could only be a matter of getting the injury assessed to ensure it is not that severe…or the move could indicate that Mysterio might not be champion for too long. Stay tuned.

-For those who watched RAW on Monday, you likely caught the reveal of the 24/7 championship, and have also since heard of more rules around the belt.

One thing that stuck out about the promo was that Mick Foley and others went out of their way to stress how the belt would make the 3rd hour of RAW more interesting.

Per PWInsider, one area WWE is focusing on is that third hour of RAW. WWE wants to ensure fans stay tuned for it, or tune in for in time for it. Reportedly, the company will continue to work to keep this hour interesting.

What is interesting is that the new belt is not limited to that hour of the show, so this is worth watching. Perhaps WWE is considering going back in time, when the last hour seemed to be a little more geared toward an older audience.

-While WWE has done it’s best to ensure some Superstars don’t show up at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing this weekend, others will be there. We already knew of some major former WWE talent-Cody Rhodes, Billy Gunn and the artist formerly known as Neville.

Now, AEW is revealing that another former WWE hand, recently released, will be taking part in the Casino Battle Royale on their first-ever show.

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