Ashley Massaro’s Cause Of Death

The passing of former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro has hit many within the WW Universe hard. At the young age of 39 years old, she was a great and positive talent, who many have stated was a joy to have around and work with. While little was known around her cause of death, a new report has surfaced by TMZ, stating that Massaro was found hanging in an apparent suicide. Multiple sources linked to this situation, according to the report, have confirmed this as Massaro’s cause of death.

Ashley’s friends and family, especially her daughter Alexa, continue to be in our thoughts, during this difficult time.

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley helped the WWE last night during RAW, by introducing a new championship to the fold, known as the 24/7 title. Sadly, when the big reveal came along, and Foley pulled the title out, the live crowd went mild; with very little reaction, and some light booing.

While the concept sounds interesting, the “rules” around the new championship itself seemed vague, and the title is not the most aesthetically appealing, which could explain the negative reaction around the new championship and zero response from the crowd when Foley did the segment. The good news is, has released more information on the 24/7 title, and explained who’s eligible, where, and such. Unfortunately, Mick blames the flopped promo on and reaction himself. See tweet below.

Most would agree, the reaction can’t be placed entirely on Mick Foley’s shoulders, plus, that title is crazy ugly. Here’s hoping that as the 24/7 Championship finds its way into storylines, the WWE Universe will warm up to the idea. It does seem like it could shake things up during house shows, and even on social media outside of WWE television shows. Things could very well get interesting and fast.

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