Did Strowman Kill His Push? + News On XFL TV Deals

Did Strowman Kill His Push? + News On XFL TV Deals

-Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen Braun Strowman get red hot and pushed like crazy, only to see that push disappear.

At one point, it seemed likely that Strowman, not Seth Rollins, would be the man to knock off Brock Lesnar. That did not happen.

Instead, at WrestleMania, Strowman was relegated to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which saw him battling two cast members from Saturday Night Live. This was the exact opposite of a push, as Strowman didn’t even really get any mainstream coverage via Saturday Night Live.

Strowman did win the Battle Royal, but like every other winner before him, the win has meant nothing. He again is not being pushed, but now we apparently can understand why.

The Wrestling Observer has reported that Braun Strowman either botched or completely forgot several spots during the match, which does not sit well with Vince McMahon. If that is indeed the case, it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward. It is not the first time a Strowman monster push got derailed by Strowman himself. Considering how over Braun can be with fans, however, one has to think he will eventually get all the way over.

-Speaking of Vince McMahon, the reboot of the XFL is still happening. This is somewhat remarkable, not even because the first iteration crashed and burned, but because the most recent alternative professional football league-the AAF-just went bust before ever completing it’s first season.

One thing vital for a league’s success, of course, is television coverage. To that end, the resurrected XFL has just announced it’s TV schedule for it’s opening season, and the league certainly has media coverage.

Games will air on ABC, ESPN and FOX Sports channels. Notably, NBC was not involved, despite the network’s long-standing relationship with McMahon and WWE (USA is owned by NBCUniversal).