Dear WWE Creative, Who Should Win Money in The Bank?

This week, the "Dear WWE Creative" column is dedicated to the Money in the Bank briefcases, and who deserves to snag those coveted championship contracts.

Dear WWE Creative,

It’s one of the most exciting non-Big-Four pay-per-views (PPVs) of the year, and with Money in the Bank (MITB) days away, I can’t help but speculate on who I’m hoping could win the coveted briefcase and contract for the men’s match.

Men’s MITB Match

So, as of now, we have Finn Balor, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Randy Orton, Andrade, and Ali all vying to become Mr. MITB.


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#MonsterInTheBank Part II is no longer a reality. @samizayn has replaced #BraunStrowman in the Men’s #MITB #LadderMatch!

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Who I’d Pick

If I had my choice, I’d love to see Drew McIntyre score the win when all is said and done. He has all the perfect elements to jump into the title race scene and his “push” has seemed like a start-and-stop of sorts. With a current face holding the Universal Championship on Monday Night RAW (looking at you, Seth Rollins), and a babyface in Kofi Kingston as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown LIVE, not to mention the fact that the Wild Card Rule could prove to be an interesting loop hole as it relates to MITB, having a heel come atop of the MITB match is exactly what is needed right now, to fully flaunt (and potentially torment) both champions. Drew is hands down the perfect candidate for this role.

Who I Think You’ll End Up Picking

Either Baron Corbin or Andrade.

Who I’d Absolutely Hate To See Win

Randy Orton or Ricochet, for essentially a similar reason (well, kind of). Randy Orton has done so much in the WWE, he neither needs a MITB win, nor another title shot. Sure, he’s an amazing talent, in the match to add some star power no doubt, but I’d prefer to see this MITB briefcase be used to help an upper-mid-carder gain some spotlight and become a bonefide main eventer that is placed in the title race scene. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I love Ricochet, and he’ll do big things on the main roster as he climbs that WWE ladder; however, winning MITB, to me, would be too much too soon.


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You can’t deny that @kingricochet will be in his element in a #MITB #LadderMatch… 💰

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What would I’d like to see? If you are going to attempt a cash-in night-of (which I hope you don’t, because this has been done two years in a row), is a failed cash-in and maybe Bray Wyatt can be the reason behind an unsuccessful cash-in. But ultimately, I’d like no cash-ins night-of (for the women either), and I’d like to see both briefcases in play until at least until SummerSlam, with one lingering for well into the fall and potentially winter. Have one MITB briefcase cash-in during the Road to Wrestlemania to really stir things up.

So, these are my picks (cash-ins and all), laid out for you, WWE Creative, and the entire worldwide web to see. Will any of what I want or wrote happen? Only time will tell …

Good luck on Sunday!





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