Big News On Brock Lesnar’s UFC Future

Brock Lesnar is perhaps Vince McMahon's most favorite part-time wrestler of all time. Following his WrestleMania loss, he was heading back to UFC.Or was he?

-Going back to last year, much has been said about Brock Lesnar and his future in both WWE and UFC.

When Lesnar dropped the Universal Championship last year, many expected that was the opening The Beast needed to head back to UFC for another huge MMA bout.

However, WWE had other plans. Roman Reigns had to relinquish his newly won Universal Championship due to a recurrence of leukemia, and that brought Lesnar back to RAW.

Brock Lesnar held onto the championship until last month’s WrestleMania, where Seth Rollins defeated him. Finally it seemed likely that Lesnar would head back to the Octagon to do battle. In fact, this notion was played up in promotions by Lesnar and Heyman-to the point where the Universal Championship match effectively kicked off WWE’s biggest show of the year “so Brock could hurry up and go back to Vegas, where he’s appreciated”.

Now,  it seems that Brock Lesnar’s future in UFC is not quite as clear and locked in as we had come to believe.

According to a report on, The Beast Incarnate has informed UFC’s Dana White that he is in fact retired and will not be working a bout with Daniel Cormier this Summer, as had previously been expected.

White, for his part, took the news in stride. While Daniel Cormier was expected to be defending against Lesnar this Summer, White has now gotten an agreement for former champion Stipe Miocic to challenge for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

With this coming to light, it should not take long for people to whisper about a potential return to a part time WWE schedule. Lesnar had already been booked for the next WWE show in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In spite of the Superstar Shakeup and an influx of NXT Superstars who have yet to be fully utilized, Vince McMahon has shown time and time again that he can’t resist putting Lesnar in a WWE ring.

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