Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE By Winning The MITB Briefcase

During the early moments of Money in the Bank (MITB), Sami Zayn complained to Triple H about his safety; fearing that Braun Strowman would appear for retribution following Monday’s RAW. Not too much later, Sami Zayn was seen hanging upside down in the backstage area and he transported to the hospital. Triple H confronted Strowman, who denied any involvement. 

So the match begins and we are down a participant. The announce team just states that there is one less person in the match. Several broken ladders and crazy spots later sees Ali seemingly have the briefcase won (like Bayley did earlier). We then hear Brock Lesnar’s music and he storms to the ring. In quick fashion, Lesnar grabs the MITB briefcase for a future title shot.

We have not seen Lesnar since WrestleMania 35, when he dropped the Universal Championship to Seth Rollins to open the main portion of the card. He did make headlines by announcing his retirement from MMA, thus ending a potential return to the UFC. Although, many speculated that it could have been a way to leverage for a better deal from WWE and/or UFC.

While not confirmed on TV, Lesnar was set for the upcoming Sadia Arabia show where he was rumored to take on Seth Rollins in a rematch for the Universal Championship. By possessing the briefcase, that might be a way to guarantee that match takes place in several weeks.

Everyone has their opinion about Lesnar, but he always has people talking after any appearance. MITB was no difference. 

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