Should We Prepare For Another Brock Lesnar Reign? Signs Say Yes!

There are some alarming signs pointing to another title reign for Brock Lesnar, despite the backlash from fans. Should we prepare for a comeback?

Despite the fact that Vince is the only one who wants Brock Lesnar as a champion, we could see it again pretty soon. There are many signs that are pointing towards another reign for Lesnar, something most fans are not waiting on. So, should we prepare ourselves for another reign. Here are the signs that post to yes.

Brock Lesnar Returns For Saudi Arabia

Brock Lesnar

One of the signs that points to a Brock Lesnar return is his scheduled appearance in Saudi Arabia. If recent rumor is to be believed, Brock Lesnar will face Goldberg and The Undertaker at Jeddah on June 7th. Whether or not this will involve the Universal Championship remains to be seen.

Of course, the WWE is doing everything it can to appease their major sponsor. Saudi has signed a 10-year deal with the WWE for quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, that could involve a title reign for Brock as well.

Brock Retired From MMA

Brock Lesnar

Dana White recently stated that Brock has officially retired from MMA, forcing White to look for another fight he could arrange for the octagon. Of  course, the retirement has left many wrestling fans with additional questions. Does this mean Brock will make a return to wrestling? And if he does, will it be in a similar capacity as last year?

Big Money Deals Are Unlikely To Be Turned Down

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar has been paid quite exuberant amounts of money for his WWE appearances. Even those appearances were few and far in between, Lesnar certainly has enjoyed a nice payday without having to do nearly as much as some of the other wrestlers on the roster. While this certainly did not sit well with fans, the upcoming appearance in Jeddah proves that the WWE is more than happy to give Brock Lesnar big money deals. From a business perspective, it does not make much sense. Yet, Brock has a good thing going and I doubt he will give that up easily.

Preventing AEW Acquisition

Another sign that Brock could be heading for another title reign is the fact the WWE do not want him working for new indie promotion AEW. Paul Heyman and Brock have stated in the past they would consider a bigger money deal with AEW, so is the WWE just appeasing Lesnar at this point to avoid competition?

Either way, there are plenty of signs that Brock is making a comeback and I for one am not interested. There is plenty of talent that can put up better matches, so why even bother?

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